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Dark heart forever – Lee Monroe

Jane Jonas keeps dreaming about Luca, a mysterious soul mate figure who slips into her real world at the same time as a new boy Evan moves into town. Janes becomes entangled with both and is drawn into a secret supernatural world.

What I liked about this book was it’s easiness to get into. I was thrust immeadiately into the story, slipping instantly into the first person POV of Jane. The setting amplified the story – a lonely town on a hill set in England and the weaving of dreams into reality gave an original twist.

The characters in the novel are well drawn and easy to like. Jane’s spirited little sister and the gorgeous Luca are highlights. The story is a slow build of mystery and romance and Jane is a solid heroine, albeit indecisive and reclusive but hey aren’t they all?!! It’s pretty tame in the sex, violence, swearing area so suitable for younger teens.

Overall I was gripped to the end and the twist although expected was well done and the ending paves a way for a sequel, of course so I’m hopeful this will be a strong series.

Score: 4 out of 5


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