Eastenders: a tragic story too far??

I admit it – I’ve watched Eastenders for years mainly because it’s nice to watch numbly after tea and is always guaranteed to make me feel better about my own life. But now I’m seriously considering dropping it off my TV viewing all together.

This week its hit the news all over the UK for it’s cot death /baby swap storyline, sinking to new depths of despair, this harrowing storyline is enough to put anyone off their evening choccie.

Ronnie Mitchell has been through so much tragedy I can’t believe she can still get out bed in the mornings. It’s beyond the usual soap saga and just seems like a desperate attempt by the producers to tug at our heart strings. My only hope is that they clear it up quickly – give Kat her baby back and get Ronnie some much over due help.

Come on Easties – lighten up for all our sakes!!

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