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Prepare to feel the wrath of the League of the Evil Exes

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: review

Let’s face it, it would be pretty fab to be in a league of evil exes, pledged to destroy any chnaces of your ex having a love life after you. Alas, it’s only in a film that these things happen but we can at least enjoy watching other people giving it a go.

Scott Pilgrim is a crazy film – set up like a computer game in real life we follow Scott (Michael Cera) as he starts seeing a school much to the amusement and disgust of his gay roomate (scene stealer Kieran Culkin), his band Sex-Bob-omb and his younger sister (Twilight’s Jessica – Anna Kendrick). However, his high school sweetie Knives soon pales in comparison to new girl on the scene, the colourfully-haired Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead). Bad news for Scott though – Ramona has 7 evil exes and Scott needs to battle them to death to get to be with her.

When the film first broke into a fight I was confused – we move suddenly into a computer like world where fights are impressive and dream-like and Scott suddenly has some serious moves. Once you get over that thought – this film is fun with some great one liners and action packed.

Lower points is the romance between Scott and Ramona. I was actually rooting for Knives – you never get a sense of what Ramona is like or why after seeing her crazy exes you want to take the risk in dating her but if you look on the surface, this film isย a great place to escape reality and wish that you too have cool battles that won you life points.

Score: 3 out of 5

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