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Do I write what I read?

I really enjoy reading young adult novels and the recent spate of paranormal themed tales inspired me in my own writing. So much so I completed a YA fantasy novel last year. The problem was that no agent wanted to snap it up.

Now I am wondering whether to start the second YA fantasy I have plotting around in my head, just for fun or to try and get that published too. And it’s got me thinking about what I enjoy about young adult novels and if just because you love reading them you should write them too. Maybe by enjoying them so much myself some of my favourites seep into my own writing and prevent it becomming a huge hit like HP  or Twilight (hell, we can dream right?!)

I can list the elements that seem to be key to a good young adult fantasy, such as a good character we can root for, a mysterious boy we fall in love with, a love triangle maybe or some obstacle to that boy getting with the girl, secret supernatural abilities, a supernatural underworld, and then a key action scene, the resolve of the love struggle, good wins over bad and love conquers all = a happy ending!

And if I’m honest they were all present in my own attempt at a novel but do I continue with this pattern or try and break out with something new?Do I write a book I’d enjoy reading or will that always hold me back? Can I be original in a genre I read so often? Or does being passionate about YA actually stand me in good stead to be a successful writer in it?

I’m probably over-analysing the whole thing and should put pen to paper with the plot that has popped in my head and trust that doing what I enjoy will in the end pay off, either in a life-long hobby that my grand kids may love or career someday where one of my books might stand up next to the authors who have inspired my book writing dreams.

To inspire any wannabe writer ….

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