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A Blue Blue Monday

It was a stressful start to “Blue Monday” – officially the most depressing day of the year. We all have that feeling – Xmas and all that festive cheer is long gone, our money supply is short and the weather is bad!

To top off the general dissatisfaction, I arrived this morning for work to a very wet London. When it rains EVERYONE heads for the tube so my station was shut due to overcrowding. I then splashed my way to a bus stop, which was shut so had to go to another one further along. Got on a bus only for it to be diverted then the driver took a wrong turn so an extra 30 mins was put on my journey. I was consequently late for a meeting with my boss!

My Blue Monday was indeed blue.

I arrived at work stroppy and saturated and not looking forward to a day at my desk. I totally understand how this would be a miserable Monday for people but I am determined to cheer myself (and hopefully all you out there) up!

Here’s some  things for us all to smile  at……


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