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HON book review: Awakened

House of Night 8 Awakened: Review

I’ve obviously read all the HON books so far and make sure you read the others or you won’t know what the hell is going on! I loved the first few books but then the POV shifted from Zoey’s first person to a mixture of voices in the third person and the content got more mythological and religious. Often the problem in a long series, the middle books of HON have been disappointing (there will be 12 in total) and book 7 was my least favourite.

I’m pleased to report though that Book 8 is a vast improvement and kicks some well needed energy back into this series about a vampire finishing school in Tulsa. We still have the moving POV’s but it was better structured and the characters moved back to their original forms (Book 7 suddenly had lots of swearing as opposed to their previous slang like bullpoopie).

The themes of this book are light vs. darkness and the importance of love. It avoids being too heavy handed though and you can see how easily the characters could go either way on their paths. There are a couple of shock moments, I won’t spoil it but remember that darkness often leads to death! 🙂

I also love how they use cultural references, often from YA things I love. This book shouted out to Glee in a surprisingly poignant way and True Blood, which was funny. But be warned the overall tone of this book is quite serious as the vampires shift into good vs evil and we head towards the end of the series when there will be no doubt a big battle between the two sides.

To sum up then, a def improvement over the last book – this was moving and moved swiftly with the plot, the characters grew nicely and the surprise plot twists were a surprise, which is good! I even got a bit choked up at the end.

 The moral of this story: remember life is always about love!

Rating: 4/5.

2 thoughts on “HON book review: Awakened”

  1. An excellent review, and yes life is love orientated, and of course vampires are a wondrous vehicle in which to portray this dark and most ghoulish atmosphere…

    Definitely a nicely presented blog here my friend.


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