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A Hotel in the Haysack

I didn’t blog yesterday as planned so two are arriving today! Basically I spent most of the day trying to book a weekend in Paris for my b’day in March. sigh.

I’ve never stayed in Paris before, just done a day trip so I’m looking forward to really seeing the city properly and eating some lovely French food! Bread, cheese, cakes, croissants mmmm πŸ™‚ It’s so tough when you don’t know somewhere to book a holiday. I’ve read reviews from newspapers, read Trip Advisor till death and compared countless prices on Expedia, Last Minute etc. It’s quite mind boggling – a hotel will have a 5 star review next to 1 star review – who the hell is right?!!

When I went to New York I choose the Waldorf Astoria – well known and central and Hilton’s are generally of a good standard but I was disappointed, I didn’t feel it was worth the impressed looks I got from people when I told them wherre I was stayng. The locaiton was spot on but the room was basic and breakfast overpriced.

So What to choose for Paris? I’m leaning towards a chain hotel in the centre so I can be sure of a good location and the basics will be good. I’d like a boutique Parisian place really but I’m going round in circle trying to find one that fits my budget and reviews well.

I just wish there was less choice and it was easier. It’s such a risk on holiday finding a good place to stay and I admire people who can find hidden gems! But even with the stress of booking it all, I’m really excited about seeing the city and will def post about it in March. And I better source some chic outfits to wear while I’m there too.

In the meantime, any tips for Paris or hotel faves give me a shout! All advice very welcome πŸ™‚

Vixter xx

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