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A Hotel in the Haystack Part 2

Okay so I spent most of my weekend searching Paris hotels. My previous post was a bit of a confused rant on the subject with me toying with staying in a big chain in the centre as I don’t know the city.

Then I changed my mind 🙂 My mum and I (who I’ll be going with) sat down for a take 2 search and found a gret deals on 2 hotels – one ranked 12 on Trip Adviser, a boutique hotel with 12 rooms and the other in our newly purchased AA guidebook – a boutique hotel with 34 rooms designed by Christian Lacriox (flash back to Ab Fab “It’s Lacriox sweetie!” )

Anywho, we checked out the websites, compared priced and drove ourselves mad reading reviews AGAIN (as you know, we spent the day before doing the same thing). FINALLY, we made our choice for these reasons:

1. It appears to be a great location in St. Germain, perfect for exploring.

2. The smaller hotel seemed a bit coupley and the chain hotel impersonal and more expensive.

3. The hotel si really quirky looking – obv as it was designed by the theatrical designer and seemed a good choice for 2 chic and fashion conscious ladies (or so we tell ourselves!!)

4. Good value – the cost was in the middle of Paris prices and we got a room upgrade with it.

5. Ranked 114 on Trip Advisor out of 1,800 so seemed pretty well recommended.

and to be honest we were so sick of our indecision, we just bit the bullet and booked!

so here’s where we will be spending our weekend in March:

I will report back on whether it was a success or not then but finger’s crossed we made a good choice!

Either way, I’m sure we’ll be out and about most of the time. I best start saving 🙂

Au revior!!

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