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Proud to be Gen Y

This week I went to a seminar on Generation Y. The girl speaking said that 18 – 30 yrs olds are classed as Gen Y and we have some interesting characteristics.

Part of our pop culture is Pokemen – remember them?!! My fave was Pikachu above 🙂

A big part of being Gen Y is embracing technology – we are the generation who’s grown up with computers & mobile phones and now iPhones, iPods and HD TV. We love social networking – almost all of us are on one of them – Facebook, Twitter & of course, blogging!!!

But what was most interesting hearing about Gen Y was our problem with the workplace. We have apparently grown up being told by our parents that we are amazing, we can do anything and be whoever we want to be, and we are rarely criticised. This means we can’t take tough bosses and want to be promoted every 5 mins. What made me laugh most of all was when she said that we tend to have a tendency to cry. A lot.

Saved by the Bell – remember that?!!

Have you ever cried at work? I sure have but mostly wait until I get home!! Gen Y apparently have a tendency to become emotive when our weakness are pointed out. Is this a fair criticism? I can see people at work who do cry over the little things but most of the time I only see tears when something that steps outside of constructive criticism happens.

I don’t think us Gen Y-ers should apologise for wanting to be treated fairly at work, to be treated as a grown up and not be shouted at like a child if a mistake has been made. It looks like bosses think differently though, they see us as the ‘trophy generation’ who want rewards for no work.

Harry Potter (or arguably Lord of The Rings) – is our generation’s Star Wars.

I’m actually proud to be Gen Y. I have dreams and ambitions and I think I’m good enough to achieve them. I also want a fair boss who praises me when I’ve done a good job and gives constructive guidance when I make a mistake. I want to blog and use Facebook, listen to my iPod on the way to work and watch HD movies at home (it makes Robert Pattinson is easier to drool over) and reminisce about brick sized mobile phones.

How about you – are you proud to be Gen Y?

Vix x

2 thoughts on “Proud to be Gen Y”

  1. Hi! Just found your blog and I think it’s great 🙂 Love your posts!
    I agree that we shouldn’t have to accept being badly treated – many of those complaining about us gen y’s are probably people who have been at the same job (unhappy) for thirty years and think chasing your dreams or having goals equals lazyness or feelings of entitlement. I don’t think that we are more hardworking than someone of another generation, but I do think that the mentality of the generation might be different: you don’t have to settle, and anything is possible. And actually I love that idea 🙂

    1. Thanks for coming to the blog and your lovely feedback! I agree our mentality is different and I love the idea that anything is possible too, WE CAN DO IT! I shall check your blog out now 🙂

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