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I heart shopping

After the last couple of philosophical blogs, I wanted to write something a bit more light hearted!

I love shopping. If I can find a shop somewhere then I will. I don’t spend a fortune, the high street is where I head to but I love to browse and I love to buy!

Yesterday was shopping day. This is what I got:

  • Shoes from Office – tan loafers and black lace up ankle boots
  • Cardigan from Gap – navy and brown with some cool fringe and buckle details
  • A poka dot scarf from Accessorize
  • A knitted skirt with heart pattern from

I also picked this up from HMV:

I have totally fallen in love with ‘Rolling in the Deep’ – she has an amazing voice and this album is a great showcase for her talent.

My shopping style

I think I’ve always loved to buy clothes and shop and while some people can’t stand trapsing around for hours, I love it and have amazing will power to stick it out until I find want I’m looking for. Often I go out for a particular thing but end up with something completely different but yesterday I found 2 pairs of shoes that I really needed. I’m a handbag girl and often forget about shoes so they were a must buy.

I read fashion mags and keep an eye on trends but adapt to suit me. I work in London in a casual office so can pretty much wear what I like and have to be comfortable travelling on the tube. I’m not really dress, more of a jeans and leggings girl but I’m girly with it – I love a cute pattern or quirky style. I also like wearing scarves and ballet pumps.

What’s your shopping style?

Vix x


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