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Where did you have it last?

This morning my mum couldn’t find her reading glasses despite reading until late last night in bed. She mentioned that she knocked over her bedside lamp and I suggested the glasses could have fallen off with it but she said she had looked and pulled her bed out and was going crazy wondering where they could be!

On the train to work, she calls and leaves a voicemail – the glasses were indeed tangled up with the lamp that had fallen over. I was right!

It got me thinking about when you lose something, it’s so hard to think clearly and often you need someone else around to think calmly on your behalf and crack the mystery.

Where did you have it last?

Such an annoying question when you’re the one who can’t find something but a logical one and one that usually proves to be the key to finding the object.

Have you ever lost something which someone else has found for you?

Vix x

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