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Behind the Mask

Beauty & The Beast, a documentary shown last night on C4,  showed two people struggling with their looks trying to understand each other’s worlds. Photo below:

Liam was 60 yr old man who was badly burnt as a child and has struggled with scars all his life. As a result, he was against cosmetic surgery.

Yasmin was a young girl obsessed with make up and looking good, all to detract from her JJ size breasts.

When the programme started, I thought we would be on Liam’s side but watching Yasmin struggle with the attention her breasts got from everyone, you really felt for her as well. Liam even accepted that a breast reduction may be a good thing for her.

It really opens your eyes to how people struggle if they don’t conform to society’s opinion of beauty and how so many struggle to fit the mould.

It made me feel bad for those days that I stand in front of the mirror and think I’m having an “ugly” day!

Yasmin bravely took off her make up at the end of the show and I realised how used you can get to seeing yourself made up. usually I wouldn’t go out without some on but maybe it’s time to think twice and show people the person inside behind that mask.

Would you venture out without your make-up on?

Vix x

16 thoughts on “Behind the Mask”

  1. When I was a teenager, I didn’t walk outside of my house without my makeup on. I had an elaborate plan for when I got married: I would wake up before my husband and put on my makeup, then go to bed after him so I could take it off. I didn’t want my future husband to see me sans my war paint.

    I got over that soon after my hubby and I started dating. One evening, he popped over to see me unexpectedly and I had already washed my face. I looked awful; zits, etc. He still loved me, though. Then I got over the makeup fixation!

  2. My relationship with makeup varies with age, years, and energy level. When I feel ugly, or need confidence, I put it on. But, I am slowly discovering that physical beauty is enhanced by caring, no matter what you look like. If you love someone, they are beautiful. It is as simple as that.

  3. Sounds like an interesting show!
    I almost never put on make-up before I go to work, I just prefer to sleep a little longer instead 🙂 I might put some on sometimes if I’m going somewhere afterwards, or in the weekends just to feel a little more special, but I just figure why should I assume that everyone is looking at exactly the zit on the right side of my nose when there are so many other people in the tram…

  4. When my grandmother passed away last summer, I ventured into the store one morning without hardly any makeup on. And I just didn’t care. Because suddenly the only thing that mattered was people and the ones I loved. We really do put too much focus on the outward, when it’s the person who counts!

  5. Interesting show. I have a lot of friends who have gotten breast reductions and are 100% satisfied with it and say life is better since they dont get so much attention and feel more comfortable in their skin now.

    I will go out without makeup if I am wearing a hat on….or if I just dont care that day. But of course when that happens, I run into an ex boyfriend. Go figure!!

  6. That show sounds very interesting! I definitely venture out without make up if I’m just running to the store and things, but if I’m ever going out with friends I wear make up!

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