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This Day is Ours

Today has been a stressful one so far.

First off, I didn’t sleep well and forgot I needed to wash my hair and got up too late so it’s really greasy. I then realised I had a cold and felt crappy. Then I missed my train because the ticket man was so slow then the tube was overcrowded so I was waiting for ages to get through the station. Not a good start!

To calm me down on my journey though I listened to Emma’s Imagination on my iPod. The song This Day is a beautiful one that transported me to scenes like these:

The lyrics to This Day:

Slipping through summer air

Blows over the green to me

Leave behind spider lines

Underneath the tree where I was sleeping

This day is mine 

This day is mine

And I want to share it, want to share it with you

I love the sentiment of this song – of enjoying a beautiful day, feeling empowered by it, feeling that it’s your day but also the feeling that you want to share that beauty with someone.

It’s almost like blogging – we are sharing our day’s with each other. Although there are not always beautiful (like mine today 🙂 ), it is beautiful to share them!

Vix x


4 thoughts on “This Day is Ours”

  1. So true! A beautiful thing or day is even more beautiful if you share it, even if you just send the beautiful energy out into the universe (wow that sounded corny 😛 )
    I overslept this morning too, so I didn’t start my day in a good mood exactly – then I just tried to decide that my day would be good anyways and I wouldn’t let my alarm clock decide how it was going to be, and it worked:) Well I’m not in a foul mood at least… And the day became a little more beautiful because of that song you linked!

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