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No TV, No iPod, No Computer … Oh My!

An American family featured this week on British breakfast TV show Daybreak. Mother Susan Maushart ( decided to unplug her teenagers electronic devices for SIX months after becoming concerned about how much time the family spent on the laptops, TV, phones etc instead of spending quality time together.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, the family found the 6 months brought them closer – they spent their time talking, playing games, playing musical instruments, going for walks etc instead of being hooked individually to an electronic device.

I think their experiment was admirable and sometimes I watch period films – okay Jane Austen (!), and think it would be lovely to spend time visiting friends, reading and tasks beyond me like sewing, playing the piano or painting.

But then I think of all the things I’d have to give up to do that and I hesitate. Could I really stop watching TV and films; could I really stop listening to music (and downloading it); could I stop using my iPhone; could I stop online shopping; could I stop blogging?

I’m really not sure that I could. Could you?

Vix x


12 thoughts on “No TV, No iPod, No Computer … Oh My!”

  1. Yes . . . and no. I would love to give up technology, but then again I am writing more because of technology. We don’t have a tv anymore (but we do watch movies and Hulu and things). We occasionally go through technology free weeks. I think those are easier on m than on the rest of my family, but I think eventually we would all adjust.

    1. So true – we wouldn’t be here blogging without you! It’s good you take time out, I need to try that – make myself get outside instead of curling up with a film all the time 🙂

  2. I’m quite afraid to say that I wouldn’t last at all without all of my technology… I wouldn’t know what to do with my self. I’m on Facebook/Netflix/My phone almost every waking moment…

  3. The hubby and I just gave up TV and just gave it up for 21 days… It nearly killed us. Ha, ha!! But by the end of that 21 days, I think we were closer. We actually had to talk and laugh after dinner. We had to actually spend quality time together. And it was great. But, man, it was SO hard at first!!

    1. This ended up in my spam! I think one of her kids moved out for 6 weeks so they did protest but seemed to have found it worthwhile in the end. Mind you, maybe they just knew they’d get on TV out of it 🙂

  4. Christopher told me about this a couple of weeks ago. Really interesting. I grew up with no media in my life- first cellphone as a sophomore in college (’05), first computer during my second semester of college (spring ’05), first got texting as a first year grad student (dec ’08), really didn’t use facebook until I graduated college (may ‘o8) and just recently got Twitter and into the blog world. Never have had cable or anything like that. So for me, it wouldn’t be my preference to go back to life before all of this, but it wouldn’t be impossible either. Thankfully I don’t have to make that choice. 😉

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