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The Ex Factor

So Jude Law and Sienna Miller have announced they have split for the second time and cancelled a second engagement. The first time round he cheated, this time no explanation but got me thinking can it ever really work getting back with an ex?

This happened to me once – I got dumped and instead of realising it was the best thing for the relationship to end, I hung on, trying to fix things and get us back together but only got more hurt in the end. I look back now and think – what were you doing?!

There is something alluring about an ex partner – you remember the good points, you miss being in a relationship and you dream about that elusive happily ever after – all this, pulls you back in.

But can it ever work out?

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are classic examples of having the ex factor – they got married and divorced twice, seemingly unable to get pass their love affair but equally unable to make it work as a solid relationship.

I think it’s easy to forget why that person is an ex to begin with. If you broke up for reasons beyond your control, e.g. distance, work problems, money issues etc, then maybe once those problems have gone it might work.

However, if you broke up because you were just not compatible, you didn’t want the same things in life, he or she didn’t support you or took you for granted, you had different futures in mind or if one of you cheated and the other can’t forgive, I really think it’s best to put it in the past section of your life and find someone who can be part of your future instead.

If your ex was auditioning on the X-Factor what would the judges say?

Go back or Move on?

I vote  – NEXT please! How about you? 🙂

Vix x


12 thoughts on “The Ex Factor”

  1. Agree with you! But you know many find it hard to be alone and start all over again and so they fall under the trap of ‘better the devil you know’ plus they’ll not be feeling their strongest emotionally to be able to move on. You just hope they have good enough friends to drag them (literally sometimes!) back on their feet and onwards.

    1. That’s a good point – it can seem easier to go back but in the long run they will probably suffer more. We all need those friends and family to set us on the right path – we just may not want to listen to their opinion 🙂

  2. Me and my boyfriend were together for six months when we were seventeen, but I ended it because I wasn’t so into him – we were both young and inexperienced. We had other relationships after that but stayed friends, and when we were 24 we got together again and are so happy! I’m actually glad we broke up the first time because we got to experience other relationships and then really appreciate each other once we got together again 🙂 Neither one of us was really ready for a serious relationship when we were 17, but if it had been something that “happened” (like cheating) it probably wouldn’t have been successful the second time around.

    1. Ah nice to hear a happy ending! and like you say, it was about timing which was fixed when you both were in a place to make the relationship work and appreciate each other fully.

  3. I’ve been there too…hanging onto something that is over and causing myself (and no one else) more hurt in the end. He cheated but he is no Jude Law lol! My vote: next please!! (even if its Jude Law…!)

  4. Next for sure—they are exes for a reason!

    One of my ex boyfriends from college still contacts me. Um, yeah, that was 8 years ago when we dated and he still hasnt changed. Blarg.

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