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They don’t make them like they used to

It’s a rainy day here in London so to cheer myself up, I’ve been thinking about childhood TV and how the shows I remember from when I was young seem to beat the newbie shows. I grew up in 80’s and was a teen in the 90’s, here are some of the the shows that stand out in my memory……

Fraggle Rock – a show with multi-coloured puppets and an amazing theme song. Going down to Fraggle Rock – classic!

Byker Grove – the Newcastle teen show that launched Ant and Dec – remember the paint ball episode? I had a big crush on Dec (far right in the photo above) 🙂

Clarissa Explains It All – cheesy teen show starring Melissa Joan Hart. It was show during Live and Kicking – the saturday morning BBC show and I never missed it!

Knightmare – a virtual reality game show for kids. At the time, the graphics were amazing and I felt their fear as they run across floors that crumbled beneath them – Run!

Five Children and It – a BBC drama about a group of kids who meet a sand fairy who can grant wishes and the chaos he brings.

Round the Twist – probably the weirdest and most catchy theme tune ever, this show was so weird but so watchable! “Have you ever ever felt like this….”

Saved by the Bell – a teen sitcom from USA. Everyone loved Zac and Screech was a disaster at everything. It went downhill as they got older but a true classic!

The Crystal Maze – a brilliant game show where you had to find crystals hidden in themed rooms that trapped you if you didn’t get to it in time. presented by Richard O-Brian, it was brill!

What were your favourite shows from when you were young?

Vix x

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8 thoughts on “They don’t make them like they used to”

  1. I used to love Fraggle Rock. Just thinking of that show brings a smile to my face and I need that since my morning isn’t off to the best start.

    And now I have the “na-na-na-naaaaa” from Clarissa Explains it All in my head! Thanks for the flashback!

  2. I loved Fraggle Rock! I actually had an Uncle Traveling Matt doll! I use to love watching the Smurfs on saturday mornings. I have a collection of them as well, an am looking forward to their movie that is coming out soon.

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