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Anna & The French Kiss – book review

Even though I’ve done my main post for today, I had to add a book review as I finished it late last night and have to shout about how much I enjoyed it!

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This book tells the story of America girl Anna who is sent by her novel writing Dad to study in Paris for a year at an American boarding school. Anna doesn’t want to go – it means leaving her best friend and crush behind plus she doesn’t speak French but unable to get out of it, she arrives in Paris and her adventures begin. Anna soon makes a group of friends at the school and is struck by gorgeous English-accented, born in America and French-speaking Etienne St Clair. However, the path to true love never runs smooth.

I loved this book! I have to gush because it was a complete page turner and a suspense filled romance fest. Anna was a great character – fun, sweet, neurotic, and film obsessed girl who made all the same mistakes in her love life as every girl does and who I loved all the more for it. You get completely lodged into her head and perch on her shoulder as she guides us through the city of Paris and the quest for love.

Does he fancy me? Are we just friends? How much does he like me? – We’ve all asked ourselves these questions and this book is full of them as Anna and Etienne dance around each other and make mistake after mistake. Despite this, it was realistic and moving, funny and romantic, and totally transported me into their lives.

Yes it’s a young adult book. Yes I’m not a young adult. Who cares! This book was like eating a three course dinner in a fancy restaurant – an absorbing treat. I would highly recommend it.

5 out of 5. 🙂

Vix x


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