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Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

Okay so V Day is here and for a single lady, there are 2 options – curl under your duvet and cry whilst clutching a box of choccies and watching a sob fest romance film, OR push your shoulders back, lift that chin high and not worry you don’t have someone to make a fuss of you today – do it yourself!

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about love, right? (Ignoring the mindless commercialism, of course) so, who needs Prince Charming – just love YOURSELF.

survival tips:

1. If you work as I do somewhere that involves taking public transport – put on your iPod and do not make eye contact with any ladies carrying roses, choccies etc. Instead, focus on shop windows, your shoes or how the roses will likely die within a couple of days.

Songs to listen to that will spread the love to yourself:

  • Lauren Pritchard – Stuck
  • Thea Gilmore – How the Love Gets in
  • Tina Dico – Love all around
  • Clare Maguire – The Last Dance

2. Make sure you buy yourself a treat. This can be chocolates, cupcakes, a girlie DVD or a new top. something that will make you SMILE. I’m going for some form of these:

3. Devise an after work plan. Do not go home alone and sob. Make sure you have something to look forward to – you could have a singles party, meet up with a friend for dinner, watch something that will make you laugh or cook yourself your fave food and pour yourself a glass of rose wine. Cheers!

4. Go home and look in the mirror and list 3 great things about yourself – looks and /or personality. If you don’t love yourself, no-one else will love you!

(Source –

5. Make sure you go to bed on a positive note – no crying into the pillow please! Why not put on one of these love fest films (have the popcorn ready):

  • Dirty Dancing
  • A Walk to Remember
  • While you Were Sleeping
  • You’ve Got Mail
  • Valentine’s Day

Then curl up with your fave teddy (I  know you have them) and dream sweet dreams!

Finally, remember that Nobody puts Baby in the Corner so don’t let anyone do that to you today – you deserve to shine whether single or not single. Spread the love people!


Vix xxxxxx


10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Survival Guide”

  1. These are great tips! I love this ost.

    I took today off from work. I slept in late, made cupcakes, went out for lunch, going to hit up Target then go to the gym. Who cares if I dont have someone, I’m gonna appreciate me today!

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