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1,000 milestone

At 12.15 yesterday morning UK time I clocked 1,000 hits to my blog! Yay!

I started writing on here just under 2 months ago and I’m really proud that I’ve made it this far and managed to build up a supportive community of readers and comment-ers (is this a word?!!) 1,000 may not put me in the big leagues but I’m chuffed by it.

More importantly, I’m so pleased I started writing on here and I’m loving getting to know the blogging community, making new friends, starting and taking part in great debates.

So a big thank you to my subscribers, people who comment regularly or anyone who has stopped by and taken time out to read my words – I really appreciate it!

Here’s to the next 1,000 (and maybe a Freshly Pressed one day :-))

Vix x

19 thoughts on “1,000 milestone”

  1. Hooray! I love looking back to last year when I started blogging to see the progress that I’ve made over the year, it’s amazing.

    I would flip if I were to ever be Freshly Pressed but we can all dream right?

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