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The Runaways review

No bluray in UK for this one so I watched it on DVD. The film details the rise and fall of the first female rock band in 70’s.

Starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, it’s a sex, drugs,rock n roll romp following the girls as they meet, deal with their crazy manager, tour Japan and turn on each other, breaking down and breaking up.

I wasn’t overally familar with the band (just Joan Jett’s “I love rock and roll”) but this film fills you in and I really enjoyed their music and the feel of the film, which uses colours and locations to convey mood and time to great effect. I actually ordered their greatest hits afterwards.

The lead actresses do well and shed their clean cut image from previous films. The story is pretty usual in terms of a band who destroy themselves but it’s an enjoyable journey and left me with a new band to discover.

4 out of 5 for this one.

Vix x


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