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No Kissing in the Rain

Waking up to a grey, cloudy day and hearing the patter of heavy rain on the roof, fills me with glumness. There’s no joy in the rain – it means umbrellas and hoods, frizzy hair, wet jeans and waterproof shoes that inevitably turn out not to be waterproof.

When I wake up to the rain, my smile fades. It puts me in a melancholy mood instantly. When it rains my commute to work is always more problematic – suddenly people fill public transport and said transport shuts down amid the chaos. If it rains at the weekend, all I want to is curl up and watch a film, knowing that the horrible weather is far away from me, locked outside, forbidden to cross my path.

Singing in the Rain? An iconic picture, an iconic film that suggests rain can make you dance and sing and smile with love and happiness. I don’t think so! It makes me want to hide under cover and moan.

Despite the fact it rains constantly in England, we all grumble about it. We all talk about it. It’s like a huge surprise when it happens even though rarely a week goes by without it. We love to discuss the weather – it’s part of our Britishness. Probably because it’s always so bad and yet we all have hope it won’t be. That we will get 5 days in a row of warm sun and be able to do all those things people who live with better weather can do – barbeques or picnics, sunbathing, trips to the seaside or park, eating strawberries and cream or having that elusive party in the garden.

Yet for some rain suggests romance. How many films or songs out there describe the above scene – kissing in the rain. A man rushing to you in the rain and declaring his love. Standing outside your lover’s home in the rain to show how much you want them.

Sorry but if I want to kiss my soul mate, I don’t want frizzy hair or soggy shoes. I don’t want to worry about slipping in puddles or cars splashing us as we stand on the pavement smooching.

Rain is not romantic for me. Rain is a pain (sorry couldn’t resist that one!). As long as I live in England, I will not only have to put up with the wet stuff but listen to countless people say – “goodness, isn’t the weather terrible today?!” Just don’t try and kiss me in it please!

I hope it’s sunny where you are,

Vix x

23 thoughts on “No Kissing in the Rain”

  1. 🙂 Ah, but in the right situation couldn’t the kiss represent that passion can overcome even the dreariest of days. Maybe that is why that kind of scene shows up so often. I loved your description of British people: “We love to discuss the weather – it’s part of our Britishness.” Yet, I think that might be true all around the world. Here in the States, no matter where you live, you get some version of “If you don’t like the weather in _____ wait five minutes and it will change.”

    1. Haha yeah probabaly ture. It would have to be big passion with a Mr Darcy lookalike for me to succumb tho 😉

      Wow maybe the weather talk is worldwide then – I’d love our weather to change in 5 minutes, when it rains it usually lasts a week!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am not a rain girl. When it’s raining, I quite frankly just want to stay inside all day, haha! There have been a couple of small exceptions to this. A handful of times when I have had no place to be, I hadn’t already gotten dressed and cute (aka hadn’t taken the time to straighten my hair and was wearing clothes I didn’t care about)… I’ve gone out and just really played in the rain. And it was magical. Always in the summer and always one of the cold rains (instead of the horrific muggy hot rains). It was just fun to skip around, laugh, play, and splash in the rain. But again, these instances have been far and between, haha!

    Though I will say the end of Little Women always made me think that kissing in the rain seemed highly romantic. I love the lines, “My hands are empty…” “Not anymore…” LOVE it! 😀

  3. I completely agree with you! I loved this post! 🙂 Occasionally when it’s warm rain I don’t mind going out in it if I don’t have to be somewhere important, I like puddle jumping but only on very rare occasions and when I can go back in and change into something dry right away! But most of the time, I would much rather curl up with a good book or movie when it’s raining! And I completely agree, I fail to see the romance in kissing in the rain! 🙂

  4. Ah great post. I live in Wales, where it might actually rain more than England, or so my friends told me. I got drenched on my way to university today, and had to sit through my lectures damp and cold, and, worst of all,my notebook got wet too. I wrote my notes with washable ink and now they’re gone! And my mascara ran too. I feel today is worth a good grumble for both of us. And because we’re British we can probably just about get away with moaning about rain. Thanks for a fun post 🙂 xx

  5. Ok, rain sucks. I can’t like it either, do you reckon we could just pick up England and move it to, say, the Caribbean? The only pro I can see for rain is that when you are late for work in the morning/haven’t had time to brush your hair/can only find one shoe/ cat hasn’t been fed etc you don’t have to scrape the frost off the car. And this is the only reason I can be thankful for rain.

  6. This made me smile this morning. I too abhor the rain, but can ‘accept’ it when I know I don’t have to go out in it. Kissing in the rain – I’ve never had that pleasure, but the romantic in me is intrigued by the idea. Hmm, maybe at the beach when I look like crap anyway. 🙂

    1. Ah glad to make you smile. Yes much easier to gaze at the rain from the safety of a dry house! Beach is a far better idea, although they could be a lot of sand issues if you get too carried away 😉

  7. I have never been to England, but I want to! Well…I’ve been through the Heathrow airport twice…but that doesn’t count!

    I do love the rain…I have to admit…but only in small amounts, and usually only when I’m inside, so I can enjoy the uniqueness of saying, “Hey! How neat is it that I am cozy and comfy INSIDE!” A fireplace and a good movie are bliss on those days.

    Here in California, it has rained more this season that usual, and that means snow in the mountains. In a few weeks I’m going to start a journey where I will be hiking through California, Oregon, and Washington, from Mexico to Canada…2,650 miles, and much will be through snowy mountain passes and heavy rains, at times. So think of me when you are cozy inside! 🙂


    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! I hope you get over here one day, I promise it doesn’t rain everday 🙂 good luck on your trek, sounds tough but I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

  8. This was a nice piece…It took my mind from my writing.
    Is it cold a lot in English?
    Hmmm…do not like the cold.


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