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Kindle vs Books

Increasingly, I am noticing people on my train and the tube reading from Kindle’s and it concerns me. I don’t want to lose my love of books by transferring them to an electronic device.

I love holding books and flicking the pages, enjoying creative book covers, browsing for books either in a bookshop or online, getting excited by new titles and good reviews and seeing books stacked or lined up on a book shelf.

I’m someone who keeps books she has enjoyed. I also buy new, fancy versions of my favourite books. See below:

When I have my own home, I want to proudly display these books on a bookshelf. After all, we are supposedly what we read but if you hide what you read on an electronic device, are you hiding who you are?

Sure I get that a Kindle is useful for long journeys so you don’t need to carry heavy books. That’s fine, I just don’t want us to lose the books altogether from our lives.

Do you have a Kindle? Are you worried about losing books?

Vix x

24 thoughts on “Kindle vs Books”

  1. I don’t have a kindle and if I can help it I will never get one! I have been complaining to people for a while now how books are gonna become obsolete if this trend continues, and I’m very worried about it! Books are my favorite things in the world, I love everything about them, the feel, the smell, the look, I couldn’t bear to have it all be electronic!

    1. I worry about the same thing! I could bear it if the printed word became a relic. However it can’t be denied that electronic books are not only very convenient but more environmentally friendly than the production of hundreds of books (assuming that one keeps the reading device for long enough to make it worthwhile rather than just trading in for a new model every year and thus creating more waste)

  2. If Kindle did take over we won’t be able to buy books for people and write little messages inside the front cover. And what would happen to libraries? I love wandering around libraries.

    And bookshops, almost as good as libraries. I especially love second hand books, picking up the old Penguin covers makes my belly flip.

    It’s a bit lame, but my sister and I call bookshops and libraries ‘houses of knowledge’.

    I’m already very upset that encyclopedia books have become instinct because of the internet and cd-roms.
    My dream is to one day have a big study with bookcases up to the ceiling filled with all our favourite books.

    I love books too, and I don’t know anyone who wants to swap to a Kindle. I think books are safe because there are loads of people, like us, who love the actual experience of having a hard copy of a book, instead of the virtual experience.

    Another reason I have thought of, against getting a Kindle. It would be the end of lending books, nothing is greater than passing around a great book you have found to your friends.


    1. So many great thoughts here! I’m so glad you feel the same way and you think books will be saved by people like us. It’s so true that we couldn’t buy or lend books then – who wants a Kindle voucher instead 🙂

  3. This has been a debate between my husband and I lately. He wants to get me one for a book. I’m still on the fence. Time will tell if I succumb, but I will never completely give up books.

  4. Nope I don’t have a kindle. I personally think bookshelves compacted with lots of books are pieces of very nice house deco. I’m with you Vix 😉

  5. I don’t have a Kindle, but my mom does. She and my dad travel excessively for work (seriously they are on the road more than they are home) so it’s really perfect for her. I just really love holding a book in my hands, though. And I really don’t travel enough to need a kindle. But then I’m the girl that still doesn’t have a mp3 player/ipod or smart phone. I think I’m old before my time. 😛

  6. Love your blog. I hope to start my own blog sometime soon…it sounds pathetic, but I’m stuck on a good title 😦
    I don’t have a kindle; but I don’t have the money for a lot of basics, much less the big stuff…not now anyway…I can believe someday I might 🙂
    In meantime, I enjoy the feel , the look, everything about a book. A kindle…ugh…I spend far too much time in front of the computer screen or tv screen as it is…I don’t need excess on top of that really!
    SOme people love it though.
    Sadly, Borders (a bookstore chain in U.S.) closed out right?….so times are showing…I shudder to think the bookstore concept may never exist.

    1. Thanks Jill! You should def start one, don’t worry about the title all the ones I wanted were taken so mine’s pretty irrelevent 🙂 I hope Waterstones doesn’t follow suit 😦

  7. I don’t have a Kindle, and I have a love of hard cover books. If I can ever get a first edition of a new book I get overly excited. Signed copies are even better. None of them are worth anything yet because they were all written in my lifetime, but they are my prized possessions.

    I do know some people with Kindle type machines though. They are about to move to Korea, and just don’t want to bring all their books with them, and then home again when they are done. I think sometimes it makes sense if you are reading a lot of books and you don’t want to own all of them.

    Nice post.

  8. Books all the way! I love the feel and the smell of books, and a Kindle just seems like it would be so awkward to hold. I’d say the one exception is school textbooks, which I don’t particularly want to keep and they’re so heavy! But for any book that I want to keep or read for fun, I prefer books.

  9. I got a Nook for Christmas. I really like it, it’s easy to use and lighter than a lot of books, but it’s not the same. I’ll use it, sure, but I will still ALWAYS buy books. There is nothing like reading your favorite book, feeling the pages go by, and (as dorky as this is) the smell. So, I appreciate the modern technology, but I will forever be an actual physical book lover. 🙂

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