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Signature Scent

When asked in 1954 what she wore on bed at night, Marilyn Monroe answered, “Five drops of Chanel No. 5.”

I am jealous of women who have a favourite perfume. Who always wear it and who become synonymous with that scent. I think perfume suggests elegance. It has a timeless quality. If you know someone who wears the same scent, it reminds you of them, it links in your mind with a picture of who they are and what they stand for.

I am always frustrated by trying to find this elusive signature scent for myself. I currently alternate between Vera Wang Princess and Chanel no. 5 but don’t feel they particularly stick to me or that they’ve become recognisable to me. I am always unsure if it’s just about consistency – wearing the same one every day so it becomes you or searching for one that declares who you are or want to be as a woman.

Fashion designers have long proclaimed the importance of wearing perfume for women, leading us all to link elegance and being a true lady to wearing it …

“A woman’s perfume tells you more about her than her handwriting” – Christian Dior.

“A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future” – Coco Chanel.

But is wearing perfume even important for women anymore? I find that it’s mostly my mum and her friends that have that familiar scent, my friends don’t seem to bother as much, maybe just for a night out but not every day use. Is this a sign that we leaving our ladylike qualities behind and losing that elegance that made women like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn have such timeless beauty?

Do you have a signature scent? Do you think perfume has lost its allure to us now?

Vix x

23 thoughts on “Signature Scent”

  1. I love wearing perfume! I think perfume is a form of expressing yourself or your mood, and wearing the wrong perfume can feel like wearing the wrong clothes – it just doesn’t feel right, and you might even feel like you’re trying to be someone you’re not. And the person we are is constantly changing, so personally I don’t think it always has to be right to wear the same perfume for an extended period of time. And different people with the same perfume can also smell really different! For example, one scent (J’adore) I’ve tried on several times in the shop smells really nice in the bottle and on other people, but on me it just smells foul.
    I never buy the same perfume twice, partly because I like switching it up, but also because I tend to have the same scent for two, maybe three years, before the bottle is finished since I might not use it every day, and when it’s time to buy a new one I’m not the same person I was when I bought the other one – it doesn’t feel right anymore. I actually like having it that way, so that I don’t become my perfume, but rather my perfume becomes a resemblence to a phase in my life. One perfume I wore three or four years ago (Armani Mania) is a scent that my boyfriend loves because it reminds him of me and when we got together. Now I wear a new one (Puma I’m Going) that I guess will remind me of a different period in my life later on – it’s getting time to renew it 🙂 But I know it’s really personal, and many people love wearing the same scent. Wow, this reply is getting really long…:P
    So anyway, my point is that if you feel like you don’t resonate with your perfumes maybe you’ve changed since you purchased them and they aren’t YOU anymore? Maybe it would be a good idea to try on a new one at the shop and see if it feels better?

    1. Good thoughts! I like the idea of perfume representing phases in your life and how it can represent changes in you as a person. So many it’s not about a signature scent but one that reflects who you are at a particular point. It’s so true that they smell differently on different people! wow, who knew perfume was such a complex thing? I feel like I need to spend a day trying them all on, I wish their was a perfume matcher service 🙂

  2. hey! thanx for visiting my blog!
    about perfume; i used to be a fervent user; Roma by Laura Biagotti, then Escape by Calvin Klein, Rush by Gucci…until I got pregnant with my first so. Then everything changed, i couldn’t stand the scents anymore, all of them…Now, 7 years later, i wear the lighter scents, like Eau Vitaminee by Biotherm, it comes in a yellow bottle and it smells so fresh… I miss the heavy scents, by am still not drawn to them!!!

  3. I know I say this about most of your posts but I have thought about exactly the same thing. My boyfriend wears ‘Only the Brave’ and he asked me whether I thought it was boring for him to wear the same one all the time and I gave the exact same argument that you have- that having a signature scent is lovely, very classy and I wish I could stick to one too.

    Every time I get a new perfume I tell myself that it will be my signature scent, but by the time I finish the bottle I have been lusting after another scent. To help a little you could have an evening scent and a spring/summer scent for the days. I really like what Elin said too, the perfume you have reminds you of different points in your life, my sister and I always keep all of our bottles as reminders.

    I am also always torn between spending so much on a bottle of perfume like Chanel or feeling like I should just get a cheaper one. I really do think Chanel is the best, but as a student I don’t have many pennies. Maybe Coco is right though, as a woman, having a good perfume is a necessity, it’s like getting your hair done- you just have to do it, it is part of your identity.
    K xx

    1. Glad I’m not alone on this one 🙂 How annoying that your boyf has found his but you’re yet to find yours eh! The search continues …
      It’s a good idea to alternate between day and night as you often want more of a clean, fresh scent in the day and a stronger one in the evening. Perfume is such a pricey thing, I usually wait until a holiday to get it at the airport or ask for it as a present!!

  4. I wear perfume almost everyday…but I definitely like to change it up…I have about 4-5 that I rotate depending upon my mood, the weather, what I am wearing, where I am going etc. I think of perfume like jewelry…it accents whatever I am wearing and makes me feel good about myself…so I wear whatever feels right for the day. For instance..if I am going to work and wearing a suit I may wear Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door for something a bit more sophisticated and timeless. But if I am going out to dinner in jeans and a cute top with my BF I might wear Kim Kardashian for something a bit more bold and sexy.

  5. I love perfume and I don’t understand why some young women these days don’t wear any. Wearing, layering your perfume (scent) is important. You are more memorable. I get so many compliments from women and men that I interact with about the way I smell. It comes in a form “what are you wearing? It smells nice”. I was very young when I got that compliment and I remember I had worn a perfume from my mom and I didn’t remember it’s name, but ever since I made sure to learn the name and brand of the perfume I wear.
    I have many favorites and I realized over the years that I favor some in specific times of the year.
    I like to wear my Carolina Herrera (CH) -which I can’t seem to find anywhere in the Fl- in the winter.
    While I just got introduced to Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture and I’m wearing it for spring.
    It’s also important to use the body wash and body lotion that all help with the layering.
    So to answer your question: no I don’t think it lost it’s allure I just think women take it for granted.

    By the way thanks for subscribing to my page 🙂

  6. Yes Vix, particular scents does remind me of something associated. For example, the smell of cigarette smoke reminds me of my ex haha! I don’t have a favorite perfume though. I am more to a body lotion kind of girl.

  7. I think there are too many perfumes out there and anyone who is a “celebrity” pens a perfume or cologne which is annoying. The last thing I want to smell like is Paris Hilton.

    My signature scents are Angel in the colder months and Light Blue in the warm months

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