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Paranormal Huntress (shh don’t tell anyone!)

As you know, I am mildly obsessed with all things supernatural – they make up a huge chunk of my reading and watching time. Something struck me whilst watching Supernatural (I’m on series 5 watching the box set – do NOT tell me if they save the world or not :-)) and reading Paranormalcy by Kiersten White (a YA book about a girl who tracks paranormal for a mysterious organisation) – why can’t I be a kick-ass paranormal hunter / tracker / killer / slayer?!!

So I decided to make a pro / con list for such a job (if only it really existed!):

Reasons for making this job change:

  • I could wear some really cool fighting gear like leather trousers or a long, red wig.
  • No-one would mess with me paranormal or human so I could pretty much get people to do what I wanted
  • I would be saving the world everyday and surely that would make you feel pretty good!
  • I would be bound to fall in love with a dark, mysterious, sexy guy
  • I would carry really cool gadgets (see Evie in Paranormalcy – a pink taser)
  • I would have excellent transport be it a flash sports car, teleporter or some supernatural assistance meaning I could get places fast and look cool whilst doing it
  • There would probably be books / TV shows / films produced based on my life story.

Reasons against:

  • There would be a lot of danger and potential to be killed in a variety of gross ways e.g. blood draining
  • The sexy guy I fall in love with is likely to be supernatural and therefore, potential to hurt or kill me or run off with a gorgeous faerie instead
  • I’d have to keep my job secret so I would probably have to leave friends and family so they wouldn’t find out or get hurt themselves
  • I’m not sure if you actually get paid. The Supernatural boys don’t and I don’t think Buffy did either. Kind of limits the cool clothes / car / hair situation
  • The film / TV show / book based on me will include me being played by a gorgeous Hollywood actress and will likely make me feel very inferior / fat / ugly
  • I’ve never actually been in a fight before 🙂

Do you have job fantasies?

Vix x

22 thoughts on “Paranormal Huntress (shh don’t tell anyone!)”

  1. The long red wig sounds really cool! But then there’s always the existential perspective of it – are paranormal beings worth any less than us, just because they are different and creepy… hehe 😉 Maybe if they’re killing others though…
    I don’t know what I would want to be, maybe a crazy scientist who saves the world with a new energy source or something (which of course calls for an entire tv-series of the evil guys trying to get it from me, and I would naturally star in that too) And with superhuman powers of course! 🙂

  2. this is such an awesome job, i think you should have a career change. not like those rubbish guys on living who hunt for pixies and things though. that ruined one entire sick day for me!!!

  3. Hahaha! I love this! My husband used to love the show “Ghost Hunters” and I would tease him all the way through the show and make fun of it. He claims his aunt’s house is haunted and that they’ve heard noises and such from the upstairs. I will say this though, one night we stayed in the room where the ‘ghost’ most often ‘visited’ and we were woken up in the middle of the night by a pile of CDs crashing to the floor. I tease him less now. 😉

    1. 🙂 thanks! I don’t think we have that one here but we have Most Haunted which sounds similar. They all seem a bit far fetched!
      Ooh cool, a supernatural experience – you need to dig around the history of the house and find out if there’s a tragic story there. I think I’d be quite scared if that happened to me for real tho!!

  4. I vote go for the awesome paranormal jobs. I often dream that I am Buffy (not sure what that says about me, but hey, a girl’s got to dream). 😉

  5. I used to work on a show called “UFO Hunters.” I think you would have LOVED it! It wasn’t really my thing though.

    My dream job would be to be a weather girl on CNN. I wish so much I had the chops to speak in front of a crowd but I stumble all over myself too much to do it.

  6. Yeah, if I was at all coordinated, I’d love to kick some paranormal butt. But I’m kinda klutzy, so it’s best if I keep my day job, LOL! Fun post!

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