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Celebrity craziness

So another week, another celeb meltdown. Only this time there’s been two very public meltdowns – Charlie Sheen whose rants on TV and Twitter have led to his children being taking away and Christina Aguilera who was arrested for being drunk and whose boyfriend was arrested for drink driving.

Sigh. What is it about being a celebrity that makes you so likely to literally crack up?

These people have money, fame, the world at their feet yet they throw it away on drink or drugs or crazy lifestyles like Charlie living with two women and end up having brushes with the police, checking into rehab and often losing all their work and respect – hello Lindsay Lohan.

I often wonder why is it so many go off the rails? Of course, there are many who stay out of the tabloids and concentrate on work but there are so many cases of people going crazy on fame. I suppose insecurities are magnified in the public eye, you’re busy travelling so you can’t sustain relationships with family or partners, people will do whatever you ask so your demands get wilder and you have so much money you spend it on frivolous things that will never make you happy or that make you so high / drunk you can’t focus on the work that made you actually rich and famous to start with.

It does make me angry though because there are so many people who have nothing in this world, who could not even begin to imagine the lives these people head and the opportunities they have yet they waste it all and throw it away. Yet they also expect us to feels sympathy for them – to share their woes and think they are amazing for trying to get help.

What would earn our respect so much more is if they didn’t lose it in the first place but used their position to do some good whilst they rake in the millions. And if they stopped bleating to anyone who will hear about how they are struggling – it’s your own fault! Note to Charlie Sheen – yes it’s sad your children were taken away but how about some responsbility from you as to why that happened? No, I thought not!

Why do you think celebs go off the rails? should we have sympathy for them? How would you live if you had their lives?

Vix x

9 thoughts on “Celebrity craziness”

  1. I think you answered your own question ” insecurities are magnified in the public eye, you’re busy travelling so you can’t sustain relationships with family or partners, people will do whatever you ask so your demands get wilder and you have so much money you spend it on frivolous things that will never make you happy or that make you so high / drunk you can’t focus on the work that made you actually rich and famous to start with.” The problem lies when the so-called celebrities believe that their talent makes them superior to other in the world, when in reality they are merely people who got lucky and could be toppled down by someone with more talent at any moment. The ones with TRUE talent don’t have to flaunt it. That said, I think Christina Aquilara has true talent, she just messed up. Celebrities are human too.

  2. I think it’s hard to have sympathy for celebs. I mean with Christina, drinking and driving is completely ridiculous. These people don’t need to drive anywhere. If I was a celeb I’d just take a limo every time I wanted to go out. Sigh…these celebs are killing me!

  3. I saw Charlie on TV the other night and he looked awful, barely recognised him! DUIs are so common among celebrities now, I am sad Christina decided to “jump in the wagon”. Can’t comment on how I would live if I were in their shoes, I can’t imagine the stress that they must be going through as a price for fame. A psychology thing among celebrities maybe? I am more amused rather than feel sympathy when reading these news really….sighs.

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