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Am I a Fan?

Yesterday was a crisp, sunny day so I headed out of the office at lunch time for a stroll around the small amount of shops in the high street. I ended up in HMV (why does it always call out to me?!) and picked up Avril Lavigne’s new album ‘Goodbye Lullaby’ as her new single ‘What the hell’ is stuck in my head at the moment.

I got home and looked at my rather large CD stack (there’s also a large amount hiding in a cupboard) and realised I had purchased number 4 out of 4 Avril albums – yes I own all of them. Yet if you asked me whether I was a fan of her, I’d probably just shrug and say she’s okay and not OMG I like love her (blogging is turning me American I think).

That got me thinking about the rest of my music collection and the paradox between artists / bands I class as my favourites and the number of albums I own by them. Other examples were Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Britney Spears, Leann Rimes and Coldplay – I own several albums by these guys but I wouldn’t put on my fave artist list. Weird.

Then I thought about concerts I’ve been too, here’s the list and why I went:

  • Britney Spears (maybe I’m just kidding myself on not being a fan 🙂 ) back at Uni, it was one of my 21st birthday presents and I went with friends. Yes she mimed but good dancing.
  • Madonna – a present from my cousin. I actually really enjoyed the show.
  • Justin Timberlake – also at uni with friends. I went along because they loved him. Quite enjoyed this but a bit too much beat-boxing in the middle.
  • Spice Girls – went to their reunion tour with a friend. Nostalgic fun.
  • Westlife – got my mum tickets for her birthday and went along with her. They were pretty good.
  • Michael Buble – again a present for mum. He was entertaining lots of funny jokes in between songs but probably better at smaller venues.
  • Leona Lewis – logged on ticket sale day just to see and got tickets four rows from front so thought may as well go. Much better than I imagined, the music was funked up and was more dancy than I thought it would be.
  • Jools Holland – went along with mum to Albert Hall – I wanted to see the support acts Rumer and Alison Moyet and it was a slick show.
  • I also had tickets to the MJ shows but alas not to be!

I’m staring to realise  I love music full stop and go through stages of liking one artist or band or one song or album by them and then may move on for a bit or lose track of them until they bring out some new stuff. Even looking at the ‘loves’ page on this blog, that list will probably change soon 🙂 I kind of wish I did have one favourite but at least this way they’ll be no obsessive stalking by me.

I am looking forward to listening to the Avril album and maybe after that she really will be on my favourite list!

Any secret Avril fans out there? Are you ever surprised by the number of albums you have by one artist / band? Do you have fixed favourites or like to mix it up?

Vix x


17 thoughts on “Am I a Fan?”

  1. i secretly like girlfriend! i saw spice girls when i was about ten, i was over the moon. but bon jovi has to be the best concert ive been to, i love him far too much for my own good and they put on such a good show 🙂

  2. Hey, Vix

    I love all genre of music/various artists and movies! If you said pick one, it would change daily and maybe even hourly depending on my mood, the whether, of if I’m reminded of another when a car goes down the street blastin’ something or a commerical comes on for an old movie. OH, and I find myself singing and dancing that song or quoting parts of the movie.

    Even in highschool, when music really pretty much defined groups of kids hanging out…you had the “new wave, preppy look” that listened to Depeche Mode and such. You had the darker/goth kind of look Cure, Siouix (sp?) and the Banshees, you had the “Skaw” skaterboarder/scooter riding group listening to the band Madness and then the skinhead/punkrock people (I dug the clash!) and the Headbangers/mullets/big hair…Motley Crue is awesome! Eventually I got to learn to like a little Guns and Roses, but not really.

    Thinking back, I was more of true “new wave” kind of group, but I would float over and hang out with the skaw people, and then I had a couple of heavy metal friends as I enjoyed a little bit of what all those had to offer. If our school had had any country and cowboys, you can bet I’d been friendly with them too! (Yee-haw, there’s a cowgirl in here somewhere!)

    I just love and can appreciate everything too much! I do enjoy Avril and her bitchy songs. Isn’t she always in competition with some other girl? I even like rap and Eminem (sp) more than I should being almost 40.

    You will find me dancing around the house to Billy Idol’s dancing with myself…on more than one occasion…and I really enjoy ADAM and the ANTS. I prefer “flashback” kind of stuff as everything seemed so much more interesing. Lady GaGa, I like her, but she just reminds me of the lead singer from Missing Persons.

    Oh, my! much too long of a response…but I do so enjoy my music! 🙂


    1. Haha love the long reply! I think it’s great to enjoy all those kinds of music, I also like a bit of country and have a couple of Eminen songs and Lady Gaga. I used to hang around with the alternative group at school but at that time I was more into pop / R & B, it’s cool to appreciate it all. Although I’m not a fan of heavy dance stuff or drum and bass 🙂

  3. Yeah, I like Avril! Funny though, I wouldn’t consider her one of my all time favs either…I tend to favor songs over artists…makes iTunes a lovely thing. 😉

  4. Hey Vix, I think you are more to a “favorite songs” person than a “favorite artiste” person. In my early teens I was very protective of my favorite singers and insist on buying all albums even though I feel a teeny weeny bored of their voice. I won’t even admit to liking songs from another artiste who hasn’t “made it” to my list of favorite singers….haha silly me! I am more open now…whatever rocks my boat, I’ll listen regardless of who the singer is. I have never been to a concert in my life though….hope to change that soon 🙂

  5. You’ve been to a lot of fun concerts!
    I used to be a Backstreet Boy fan (and was not proud of it even when I was thirteen…). Have gone through many many phases and musical loves… 😉 These days I listen a lot to Arcade Fire, the XX and Ray LaMontagne, recommend them!

  6. Some of my favorite concerts have been Shania Twain with my mom and sister, and this past summer to a Tracy Lawrence concert with my husband. It was outside on a dirt lot, as most of the crowd sat in the bleachers, while others stood next to the beer, drinking and dancing. LOVED it 🙂

    1. Aw Shania, what ever happened to her? You’re Still the One is a great song! Not heard of Tracy Lawrence, will have to check him out. Country music over here is limited to Taylor Swift 🙂

  7. I would never have said that I am an Avril fan, but I stumbled upon her newest album on aol as they have a free streaming of entire cds. One of them was hers. I played through and have to say I knda liked it…

    My taste in music is quite ecclectic…No genre is off limits; no artist is completely forbidden. It is funny to think that I am only in my 30’s as my music library contains the Mamas and Papas, Van Morrison, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Cat Stevens and of course the Beatles while also including Nsync, New Kids on the Block, Avril, Jason Mraz, Citizen Cope, Goo Goo Dolls, britney Spears, Iron & Wine and Mumford and Sons. So I guess what I am trying to say is, doesn’t matter the age, the song or the artist. As long as I can relate to it in one way or another and I dig it, I’ll listen to it. People can judge if they’d like. Music is a part of me, even if there are a couple “embarassing” albums in my collection, I embrace it. 🙂

    GREAT post!

    1. I think it’s great you have a varied collection and some older artists are great – classics! We all have some guity pleasures, they are a must have for some cheesy fun 🙂

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