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Crazy World of Writing and World Domination

I’m sitting on the train to work and I’m thinking about the novel I am attempting to write and a conversation between the characters rolls through my head. I try to imagine I’m JK Rowling whose Harry Potter idea came to her also on a train 🙂 But then I wonder, if people knew what I was thinking, basically imagining voices in my head, and I wasn’t a writer, would they think I was crazy?

When you’re a writer you are plonking yourself head first into a made up world – you’re imagining people and places even down to hair colour and accents. You go back to how you were in childhood playing with your imaginary friends (yes I had several – I was an only child!) and it’s something you have to do if you want to write fiction. In any other sphere of life, such behaviour would be bordering on insane.

That got me thinking about how many talents from the past, geniuses of their time, have brushed with mental instability. Heck, maybe you have to be a bit crazy to come up with great works or inventions. You definitely need to think a little bit differently from everyone else.

See Easy A to illustrate this point ….

” I don’t know whether you’re a genius or just insane,” Brandon.

“Don’t those two sort of go hand in hand?” Olive

I actually think it’s cool to be a bit crazy and embrace all our imaginations and thinking-out-of-the-box brains because history tells us that’s how great stuff is born and made. This is particulary true for paranormal writers like myself – what normal people come up with monsters, demons, blood suckers and killers who girls can’t help but fall in love with? Who else is happy to be locked alone all day with just a computer and mythical ceature for the day? Who else lives a good part of their day in a world that will never exsist?

At least we’re all using this borderline insanity for a good cause. Great fiction. Although there will always be part of me that wonders if we should be using it for evil instead …

Do you have to be crazy to be a writer? Want to take over the world with me? 🙂

Vix x


26 thoughts on “Crazy World of Writing and World Domination”

  1. i am a writer, at least am trying to be, seems i have always wanted to fill out those white sheets with my words…crazy or not; writing is a passion, it is something we can’t stop doing.. and sometimes something “out for the box” comes from our brain, and it “talks” to other people, and make them dream, feel and travel in thoughts… Writing is a great thing… enjoy doing it and keep doing it…

  2. Haha.Yeah! I guess, we have to be a li’l bit crazy to be a writer! 😀
    Good Luck to you,ViXTER:) i hope you can finish your novel someday and you’ll be a NY Times bestselling author:) hehehe

  3. Im going to say a big YES to the craziness! And there’s nothing wrong with it. I love this post. I’m with you on world domination (and I so need to Easy-A: I think a trip to the dvd shop is in order, for that and Inception).

  4. I used to love Pinky & the Brain!

    Okay, so we’re all a little crazy, and maybe a little OCD for good measure. That’s creativity for you!

  5. Well all I gotta say is Stephen King must be some kind of crazy to think up the stuff he does, and look, MOVIES! I’ve read he likes to basically “hole” himself up in a barn somewhere while writing…having food delivered at the door…creeepy..then again, he’s master of creep.

    I think artists and poets are that way too, sometimes. Van Gogh and Edgar Allen Poe, how odd was their stuff during that time period? They were all so “punk rock”…marching to the beat of their own drum. ha!

    I have no clue what I’m talking about, as I didn’t study art/literature…but that’s what I do remember and that’s how they strike me.

    We can quote Forrest Gump’s mom (Sally Field) “Crazy is what crazy does.”- never understood that.

    To quote the most brilliant man I know (aka my husband) “Crazy is all relative.” It took me forever to figure that one out. What? It’s so true. If you’re surrounded by “crazies” then don’t you all view yourself as normal? Then, the people who don’t fit that mold, well, then aren’t they the crazy one?

    What I think it all comes down to…it’s almost a “prerequisite” or “prelude” to becoming the next great writer. You have to be a little recluse, or “off beat” to set youself apart and create a story. I like to call these people Unique. I’ve made a point of becoming friends with some “unique” people and one of them now works on the Hero’s set doing masks/makeup and is now working on some other tv show. No one knew him in highschool…except like 3 people and I was one of them. He was bizarre over-the-top crazy about Halloween and had “dark” stuff all over the place. I deemed him “Unique” and instantly befriended him. 🙂 Now, I’m just lucky he accepted my Facebook friend request…and we’ve chatted a few times via phone.

    So CARRY ON with the behavior appearing abnormal/strange to others. Those people will be buying your book some day.


  6. I don’t know if you have to be crazy, but you have to be willing to let go of the “norm” and explore the impossible. But if that means we are crazy, then so be it. I’ve always said, you have to be weird to have fun.

  7. No Vix! You don’t have to be crazy to be a writer. You only need to be imaginative. Just don’t overdo it 😉 All the best for your novel Vix!

  8. I’m kind of with you. I think writers have to be a little “different.” To make up an entire story, and to go even further, to be a J.K. Rowling and create an entire world, you need to have one heck of an imagination and just a pinch of crazy 🙂 I know I’m a bit nuts!

  9. what a most interesting read, I shall be calling by again soon to catch up with your excellent musings, crazy thought processes and inventive creativity… Well if you want to be a writer of any worth then all the above apply, don’t they? lol

    Okay I am out of here before I am given a lesson in first time visiting techniques… I am joking of course, as indeed this seems a rather nice environment my friend.


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