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Where everybody knows your name

Whenever I watch a TV show or read a book, I always notice when the characters meet up at their favourite haunt –  a local place that everyone they know seems to also hang out at and that you identify with those characters as their place.

I’ve decided that I want to find one. I want a place I can pop to, where I know I can get a seat and maybe a cuppa or hot chocolate and cake / sandwich, where I can read or write, and where I can meet similar people to me also just chilling out there. A place I go to when I want to get out of the house.

Maybe there isn’t actually a place like this though. Maybe they only exist in fiction land. Shame though because I’d love to find one like in those in Friends and Gilmore Girls. And please don’t suggest my local Starbucks – always crammed full and expensive with cold hot chocolates. My fantasy hang out would be the complete opposite!

Do you have a fave haunt? Want to start a new one with me 🙂 ?

Vix x


22 thoughts on “Where everybody knows your name”

  1. TV shows make that look so awesome, don’t they? I have two favorite haunts in my town – the library cafe and the cafe next to my hair salon. The manager of one knows me and my kids, the manager of the other is starting to recognize me now. I wish I had more time to go hang out there. Each has a completely different vibe. But I’ve found that trying to write in public makes me really productive, because I feel watched. So I feel like I have to accomplish something.

    Good luck finding your spot!

    1. Ah you lucky thing, they sound great. I’ve never tried it but I can see how it could spur you on with your writing! J K Rowling wrote most of HP in cafes, you’re obv both onto something 🙂

  2. You would love this place in Southern CA called The Gypsy Den

    It’s been years, and looking at their website pictures…they used to have more funky furniture, like red faux velvet sofas and stuff. More of a lounge feel. There’s often entertainment like poetry reading, you can hop on stage, and sometimes a solo guitarist…I think it’s all local people, practicing before a live audience.

    I’ve only been once and it was interesting, but not my kind of hang out…I did like the furnishings. made me feel cool hanging out there!

    If you ever visit Southern CA, I’ll take you. We have a couch you can crash on…


  3. My friends and I always go to one locally owned bubble tea/ boba shop. It’s fun, and was especially so in high school. The owners and workers knew us, and knew what we would order. Now that we’ve all moved away we still go whenever we can and the owners ask us about school and the friends that are missing (the workers don’t usually know us anymore, which is sad). It’s kinda cool. You just gotta find a place you like and go all the time. 🙂

  4. I want a Central Perk or Luke’s! I used to go to this bar right by my house all the time but then the owner took a liking to me (when cmon, how could you NOT?! hehe)so I really dont go there anymore. The baristas at Starbucks in my building all know my name though and when I don’t visit for awhile, they are concerned, it’s sweet.

  5. Such a lovely thought! I think that such spots are easier to find in small towns. I can definitely think of a lot of hangout spots in my town, but all the regulars are much older, seasoned friends. 🙂 Not sure of a spot that has a younger crowd.

  6. My friends and I have been trying all the coffee shops in our local area to find a place where we would want to be regulars. We haven’t agreed on one we all love yet though. xxx

  7. I totally want to find a place like that, too! I was actually just saying yesterday that I want to open up a place b/c there aren’t any where I live. I live in a big city and no matter where you go it’s always new faces. I’d love a place that has “regulars” and where you can just hang.

  8. I want a place like this too! Back in high school, one of my guyfriends pimped out his garage with a heater, television, pool table, chairs and a table. We called it “The Joint.” It was amazing!! I miss it so much!

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