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The Future of Society

This week’s topic is the future of society. This topic came to me whilst reading Ally Condie’s Matched. The story is set in the future where society dictates the life of Cassia – where she lives and works and who she falls in love with but when she is Matched with her best friend, she catches a glimpse of another boy she knows and wonders where her heart really belongs. I really enjoyed this book but what I liked most was the clear picture of the future world and it got me thinking about what the world will really look like one day. We have so much fiction out there – dystopian or utopian but which one will prove to be correct?

My thoughts like I’m sure all of ours goes out to Japan and the natural disasters they are dealing with out there. The sheer loss of life and destruction is heartbreaking. And it does make you think about the future – if our world does continue to be affected by nature in such a way, how will we survive it?

I don’t want this post to become too depressing. I think there will be great achievements in the future – technology is sure to continue to expand into areas we can’t even imagine – although I’m not sure if we will ever have flying cars we saw in Back to the future or air-trains they have in Matched. Electric cars seem to be the next stage there.

But the most intriguing part is exactly what Matched deals with – how we humans interact n the future? People don’t go into each other’s houses, things are kept private and society tells you who to marry and how many children to have, no-one has knowledge of all skills, you are put in a specialist area and you stay there. Even now in so many areas the idea of community fails so often, people in cities in particular keep to their own lives and that makes me worry about the future but then I see acts of great community spirit when things go wrong, people reach out to each other and gives hope that will continue on.

I don’t believe we will ever reach perfection in society – there will always be people better or worse of than others and if we deal with one thing e.g. illness, another will take its place but what I hope is that we keep our basic human kindness and bravery and when the chips our down, we reach out to each other.

Japan has shown us that still happens in our time, let’s hope it still happens years from now. We just recieved our 2011 census forms here in the UK, someone may read about my life 100 or 1,000 years from now and I hope their society doesn’t lose communities, people who will reach out to other’s when in need. surely, that’s really what we want for the future (and world peace of course!)

What do you think society will look like in the future?




21 thoughts on “The Future of Society”

  1. That future in the book sounds quite steril and strict, and rather scary! Sounds like and interesting book though.
    What’s happening in Japan is so sad. Nature is sometimes cruel and reminds us that we do not have the power over it, even though we would like to think so… but it’s the impending nuclear disaster that is really scary because it’s man made and those plants exist around the world! And nature can impact it in this horrible way…
    I hope that in the future humankind will have figured out the necessity of living more sustainably, and more in harmony with each other and nature. Optimistic, but you can always dream, right? 🙂

    1. You’re right it is but the book focuses on the hope and love of the people in that society so there are positive parts, you should give it a read! So true, the war between man and nature is really hitting home now and I love the idea of us trying to work more in harmony, I hope it does happen!

  2. I would like to read this book. I saw it at the bookstore, but am hoping it will eventually make its way to my library, so I can save my pennies.
    Nice thoughts. I guess its the Flintstones vs. Jetsons thing. Technology may change; pollution may be better or worse; diseases might reduce and others might crop up…but your thoughts on actual society are what about people, behaviors, culture, respect, war, and how we ultimately treat each other…wouldn’t it be nice if we developed a world that was reminiscent of Narnia….versus the inside of the training center of the Hunger Games…peace vs. war…utopia vs. catastrophe.

    1. I hope you can get hold of it soon! It would def be nice if we moved thatw ay, plus a Narnia world would have talking animals 🙂 Seriously tho, it does feel like we’re on that tipping point and I hope it tips the right way.

  3. Sounds like a cool book! Have you ever read the Hunger Games? I really recommend it! I feel like technology is seriously going to consume us, especially kids younger than us. They put everything on Facebook!

    1. I love the Hunger Games but felt the books went downhill a bit at the end. The concept tho was amazing and scary! I think you’re right, everyone now grows up with it and embraces new things so quickly. I’d be quite excited by robots tho 🙂

  4. I hate to say it, but I think the potential of having a future like that in the book, or like the future described in A HANDMAID’S TALE (where women’s bodies are completely controlled by men) is a glaring possibility. But it isn’t destiny. Somehow we need to balance technology with humanity. Maybe events like Japan help remind us of that,and we will learn. But too often we simply return to the status quo and want more, more, more of everything new and advanced. Maybe we need to let go of some of the new.

    Sorry if this is depressing, you just got me thinking.

    1. So true, we often are so keen to move forward we forget to take the good parts of the past with us. We don’t want to embrace technology at the expense of human interaction.

  5. We need to decide what future we want and make the choices everyday to get ourselves to that end…live sustainably…reduce plastic consumption, eat organic, drive less, walk more. Basically put our money where our hearts are…we all can make a difference….

  6. I am a total book need and am constantly looking for a good read. I flew through all of the Twilight books in a weekend and looked like a scary, sleep deprived vamp void of any sparkling beauty. Great site…thanks for the post. I’m off to the store!

  7. I love reading utopian/dystopian/post-apocalyptic fiction because (if it’s a good one) they give us such clear pictures of what the world could become.

    Another good one coming soon is Bumped by Megan McCafferty. Bumped is totally opposite of Matched in that everyone knows everything about each other. McCafferty took our current obsession with social networking and really ingrained in the society.

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