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Habits you miss on holiday

When you go away you get to experience a new country and culture and way of doing things but you also miss what you’re used to. Going away always highlights to me my habits and routine, it all gets thrown out of whack when you’re not at home, some examples ….

– getting ready : I have a set routine in the mornings, I have a shower, put on make up, straighten hair and get dressed then eat breakie. I have s full length mirror in my room I use and a set area for getting ready. On holiday all the mirrors are wrong, there’s no plug sockets near them or the lighting isn’t right. In Paris, our hotel room was really dark, I couldn’t see my clothes of make up!
The water is also different, always makes my hair softer prob it’s hard in London but it means my hair is much harder to style!

– drinks: at home I keep a bottle of tap water in the fridge, I hate warm drinks and drink loads of water. On holiday, there’s never any water in the room and they charge loads in minibar so you have to keep remembering to bottles and they get warm! Also you can never get a good cup of tea outside UK, I don’t drink loads but it’s nice on a cold morning but no chance on holiday.

– TV: I always put breakfast TV on while I get ready, I like to hear news and weather but away you miss out and live in a bubble until you get home or can find a newspaper. I also read the Metro, a free paper on the train and I miss the daily dose of news and celeb gossip πŸ™‚

– breakfast: in the week I have cereal but at weekend I like eggs and bacon. In Europe it’s not a big deal, in Paris it was a crossiant and drink on the menu. At least in America they like their hot breakfast too, it’s nice to splurge on holiday!

What habit do you miss on holiday?


19 thoughts on “Habits you miss on holiday”

  1. Well, we are usually camping, so the ease of getting to the potty.

    this sucks:
    The middle of the night get out of your sleeping bag, put on your jacket, find your shoes, find the flashlight, unzip the tent, crawling out of tent without destroying everything all while trying to be quiet and not disturbing other’s sleep. Traipse across treacherous ground (there’s always a hole/sticks)and hope you aren’t mauled by some nocturnal animal, make it to the building (we don’t do hard core camping, grounds must have a potty facility!) Sit/squat over freezing seat, find out there’s no toilet paper- air dry- run back to the tent because you’re freezing and you heard a twig snap behind you, repeat the ritual of removing items, get back in bed and your little child says “Mommy, I have to go the bathroom.” Do it all over again, except with child (or two) in tow. πŸ™‚

    So, I repeat- a bathroom steps from my bed is missed!


  2. Yes – so very true.
    I like the TV in the mornings also…usually the local news, or the Today show, GOod Morning America, and Cheers (depends on time I’m eating)…I just flick back and forth while I eat πŸ™‚

  3. I feel you with the whole getting ready in the morning routine. I feel so out of place when I’m away from home and don’t have everything there at my disposal. Also, anytime I stay with a friend I have to make sure they have a coffee maker because coffee in the morning is definitely a necessity in my world!

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