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Is Twitter the new Marmite?

I once tried Twitter. Last year, I thought I’d give it a go curious about the hype and quite fancying becoming a celeb stalker online as well as in print (yes I’m the person in the office people go to for ask celeb questions!) but I dropped it almost immediately. I did not get it. Firstly, none of my friends were on Twitter so I was reduced to following celebs who never follow back and trying to jump into conversations amongst strangers with no clue how to get my own followers. I was also unconvinced I’d have anything worth saying in under 140 characters.

I feel like Twitter is a love or hate thing. Some people spend their lives on it and seem to build up a huge network, others can’t understand the appeal, and these people may or may not use Facebook or blog instead, like me.

What has struck me lately is that some people can’t make their minds if they love it or hate it. Celebs seem to first embrace Twitter, building up a following and using it to thanks their fans or berate the press. Then the love affair ends. They flee Twitter, suddenly embarrassed about how they tweet every part of their lives and have more connections online than offline. Then they do a 180 and go back to it like an addiction they just couldn’t break.

Two cases – Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen.

Last year, Miley a popular Twitterer abandoned the site claiming it was taking up too much of her time and was making her forget to live. A quote at the time (found from goggle):

“I was that person who was like, ‘I’m so sad. I have no real, normal life, everyone knows what I’m doing’, and I’m like, well that’s my own fault because I’m telling everyone.

“I just think it’s kind of lame. I feel like I hang out with my friends and they’re so busy taking pictures of what they’re doing and putting them on Facebook that they’re not really enjoying what they’re doing … So I think just enjoy the moment you’re in, and stop telling people about it. Just enjoy it.”

This week, Miley posted on her record label Rock Mafia’s page on the social networking site at the weekend, declaring she would use the site when she needed to speak out. Is her own page just a short step away?

Back in 209, Lily Allen also fled the site along with all of her electronic devices – her laptop and Blackberry and stopped emailing. Her last message on Twitter read:

“I am a neo-luddite, goodbye.”

This year she has returned however, posting to her fans to denounce her new documentary on TV as not representing who she is.

Why the turn around?

Both mentioned boyfriends when they quit Twitter, mentioning they wanted to spend more time with them and the boyfriend’s confusion about how much time they spent on Twitter and the like. Miley is now no longer with Liam Hemsworth and has suffered some setbacks press wise – hello lap-dancing, drug taking and her parents relationship issues. Lily has also suffered in her personal life, her tragic miscarriage and constant press intrusion and the fact her new show revealed she suffered an eating disorder.

Both seem keen to get back online to tell their own stories, for people to get the words from them and not the press or PR. What the men in their lives think about the return to Twitter, I don’t know. Maybe breaking with Twitter gave them more perspective and they’ll use it more sparingly and perhaps wisely in the future. Time will have to tell.

I remain unconvinced about me finding love for Twitter but I do understand the need to use the online world to speak out, to share your voice with the world and to tell the truth from your own lips.

So do you love or hate Twitter?

(What about Marmite? I hate it 🙂 )



25 thoughts on “Is Twitter the new Marmite?”

  1. I’m rather indifferent to twitter, don’t have an account myself (very few of my friends use it, and I prefer to get to know people online by blogging! 🙂 ) Kind of feels like a cheap marketing tool… but maybe that’s just me

  2. I don’t use twitter…truthfully I don’t even understand what it is or how people access it…phone? computer?
    I don’t know. I have never even touched facebook.
    I have email and I have a blog 🙂
    Info. overload for me.
    I’m pretty basic (well, for today’s modern world I am)..basic phone…
    no IPOD…just recently caved and got a microwave.
    Its not that I’m primitve…just cheap 🙂
    As for twitter and stuff…I don’t think I ever want to “go there”…or if I did, I wouldn’t be documenting everything. I once read an article about whether all that stuff was a big display of narcissism…hard to know.
    Good post!
    Not sure what marmite is ???

    1. Ah that’s cute, can’t believe you didn’t have a microwave before! People access Twitter on computer or phone and there is an iPhone app but it feels like you constantly need to be on it for it to be worthwhile?! You could post about the microwave purchase lol. Marmite is a sandwich spread, maybe it’s only a British thing but it’s an aquired taste and they run adverts about the fact you either love or hate it!

  3. I have a Twitter but I like Facebook more I think. I use it occasionally but not all the time, mostly I just use it to find out things about my favorite celebs, because yes, I am a stalker like that. 🙂

  4. I created a twitter account when I started my blog… I usually “tweet” once a day in addition to when I have a new post. I’ve really been leaving facebook be for a bit and twitter gives me a little glimpse into some of what my friends are up to without spending too much time like I would on FB. I’ve connected with some of my bloggin’ buddies on twitter and found it as a nice way to communicate and support each other in the day to day outside of here on WordPress. If I never “tweeted” again, I would honestly be fine… It’s not like I live, eat & breathe by it. However, I can’t say the same for my blog and the blogging community… I need my blog to get through the day! LOL. It’s been such an awesome experience thus far and I have so enjoyed getting my writing out there, sharing my thoughts and listening to the feedback my new found friends have to offer. Blogging is such a fulfilling avenue for me in many aspects… It’s afforded me the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome people (yourself included in there Miss Vic)from all over the world… letting them into all that is me which I don’t always share. giving you the opportunity to get to know me in a whole different, more intimate, most accurate depiction of who I really am than many I’ve known in real life for many, many years. WOW! I babbled on for way too long… Sorry chica! Long and short of it… twitter-with or without I’ll live; Facebook-enjoying it less and less each day; Blogging-Love it, love the people…it’s here to stay 🙂 Now to the bed I go… Icky, Yucky sick today! 😦

    1. I think you have the right priority there, I love blogging to and you really get an insight into peopel’s lives, Twitter is more soundbite-like. And thanks for including me on the awesome list, I’m loving reading your posts and it’s fab to have someone to share things with in a completely different place! Sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly, feel better soon xx

  5. This is such a great post about Twitter. You make some really good points, Vix! I never understood Twitter to be totally honest. I used Facebook already and to me, Twitter just seemed to be a continual FB status update, haha! However, I decided to join up this year because so many people in the blogging world are involved with Twitter and I’ve found it to be really helpful for that. So my Facebook is all my in-person friends and Twitter is all my blogging friends. 🙂

    1. Aw thanks 🙂 I think you’re right, they are similar in that way. Sounds good splitting them between your worlds. I’m glad you understand it now, maybe I will one day lol.

  6. I tried marmite–couldn’t get used to it.

    I use Twitter as a way to network with other writers, not for friends/family (most aren’t on Twitter anyway).

  7. I’ve tried it and I don’t love it. No. I usually don’t follow stars, but I love Will Smith and he followed me BACK! I think him or his PR person selects a handful of people to “follow” to make the fans excited. Or, perhaps he wanted to know what was going on in Orange county to take his kids to events. My first blog was about activities/events going on in our area…which a lot of wealthy people live in OC…

    Whatever the case- exciting, but no direct comments/retweets, etc…because he follows a lot of people.

    Now, this is a site you can leave and not post anything, but continue to get “followers” All people do is click to follow, so you’ll follow them.

    I did meet people via blogging and found them on Twitter and we all followed one another, but I didn’t offer them enough marketing wise…really/they just look for the popular/successful blogger/tweeter (how can you help me further my career) self-market promotion CRAP.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, we all need to promote and earn a living. However, that’s all the locals I know are using it for and I grew weary of seeing them constantly tweeting “oh, went to this event, stopped and got boots here” and they and several other “friends” tweet the same thing various times over the next few days. MARKETING. THEN AGAIN, I used it to promote my blog- so there you go!

    I return every once in awhile, but none of my followers/friends ever respond on my stuff…and when I try to comment/retweet theirs…no response! Again, too busy self promoting!

    You can find me on there and follow me! To say anything clever in 140- words, you have to be quite talented 🙂


  8. I’ve never had marmite, but it doesn’t sound good. Wouldn’t a marmite sandwich be yeast on yeast, that just doesn’t make sense.

    I am not into twitter either. It seems like you’re just making it easier for someone to stalk you, and it does promote an air of narcissism. I have a facebook account, but I don’t care for it too much. I’ve reconnected with some people and stay in contact with others, so that part is cool and the only reason I haven’t closed the account, but seeing posts of the inane parts of my friends life makes me think do I really need to know you are standing in line at the super market. I really like blogging better, you can compose your thoughts and post something that has more nutritional value than, “OMG I shouldn’t have eaten that burrito.” (And I know it’s sort of judgey for me to say it like that, but it’s also sort of true) I also really like the people that I’ve met so far 🙂

  9. I don’t have a Twitter account, I thought it’s just like facebook statuses without everything else and I don’t see the point of “duplicating”. And with the amount of time I am spending on facebook (and now my blog) *blush*, I can’t imagine what will become of me if I start twittering! Maybe in the future I might start one….but not now.
    P.S. I love Marmite on toast!
    Have a great weekend Vix 🙂

    1. I think you’re right and Facebook you at least get photos. Ah I spend loads of time blogging too, we best not get involved in something else 🙂 Have a good one too!

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