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Dear teenage self

This weekend I managed to watch three teen films from three decades (yes it was a wild one 🙂  – The Breakfast Club (80’s), Clueless (90’s) and Easy A (00’s). What’s really interesting is that if you take out the differences in clothes, hair and music, teens in each decade experienced the same issues.

It flashed me back to when I was a teenager and I wish I knew then what I know now. Here’s what I’d like to go back and tell my teenage self …

1. You will feel like you don’t fit in. You will worry about wearing the right cloths, how your hair looks and what that boy you fancy thinks about you but you should just enjoy being young, have fun and not let anyone make you feel unworthy. When you get older you realise, you should just be who you want to be.

2. There’s no need to worry about what everyone else is doing and think you’re a freak if you don’t follow suit especially relationship stuff. Take your time, don’t rush into anything because you think you should. They’ll all regret rushing it later on!

3. If you grew up in the eighties like me, you need to just smile at old pictures of yourself because we all looked pretty bad back then. Fashion mistakes are a necessary part of growing up.

4. It’s completely okay to secretly like that cheesy pop band that everyone swears they hate. They’re singing along with their hairbrushes in their rooms just like you are. (you will later witness a reunion of the band and realise just how many fond memories people have of the band – see Take That and Spice Girls).

5. Everyone feels lonely or depressed, you are not alone in feeling that way and throughout your life you will go through stages like that but you know what, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t look at other people and think they have amazing lives and are always happy, no-one’s life is perfect. We all have issues.

6. The way you plan your life as a  may not actually happen when you become an adult because life can throw you some curve balls but embrace them, you may find it turns out better than you planned anyway.

I actually have a hard time realizing that I’m no longer a teenager, I’m classed as an adult eek. I think it’s useful to remember how you were then and make sure you inject some fun into your adult life. Slumber party anyone?! 🙂

What do you wish you could tell your teenage self?




29 thoughts on “Dear teenage self”

  1. I think some of that advice still applies to adult life. We never really grow out of the insecure teen we were, we just learn how to fake it better.

  2. Oh the things we wish we knew back then… And oh my the eighties flower clothes my mother put me in… 😛
    I would also tell myself to not care about what others thought, just to follow my own heart and be myself.

  3. Your letter to yourself rings true for me as well. Why are teenagers wired to be so insecure and care about what everyone else thinks? I would have told myself to relax, be myself, and not to compromise my beliefs.

  4. Those are great movies! 🙂
    I’m still a teenager technically but I’m 19 so I guess I would go back and tell my younger teenage self just to keep not caring about fitting, friends who actually care about you are more important. I guess I really wouldn’t do anything that different than I did, except maybe warn myself not to date my first boyfriend… but even that I suppose I learned from so I don’t know 🙂

  5. This is one of the cutest posts I’ve read today, thanks!!! I too am a child of the 80’s and cannot agree enough about the pictures.

    I would tell myself to relax more and enjoy the time. I worked all throughout HS plus played sports, worked and did a lot of volunteering. I wish I would have enjoyed it more.

  6. There are a lot of things I would tell her, but I doubt she’d listen. Mostly I wish she had patience and a little more compassion/understanding for things that are different (not that I was a tyrant but awkward/narrow-minded, honestly sometimes I wish I could just have given myself a slap on the head). I think I just didn’t take things so well and needed to relax a bit. But they’re all things we had to go through to become the people we are today.

  7. I would tell myself to enjoy it! and remind myself how I will look back and just adore the 80’s. I’d write down lists so I could easily refer back to those One hit wonders…I would also not tip my chair in the cafeteria and avoid having it fold up on me and slide me under the table so the entire student body could marvel about my nerd’iness as I climbed out from under everyone’s feet.


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