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Miss Adventurous

This week I’m thinking about adventure. I do not consider myself an adventurous person and lately it’s frustrating me. I lead a pretty safe life and I wonder if I should stretch myself more, get out of my comfort zone and try a little adventure.

 I have lived in the same small town for my 28 yrs – minus 3 yrs at university, a 2 hour drive away. I’ve worked in the same company for about 5 yrs now and am stuck in a indecisive bubble about whether to move on and if I do, to what? I want to be a writer but I know I am one of many and it may never happen so I need a backup plan but what?

I am reminded of this scene in Beauty and The Beast …

“I want adventure in the great wide somewhere …” sings Belle to rousing violins.

I suppose I feel somewhat stuck in a rut. I’m not sure how to change it though. Sometimes I imagine moving to a new place but then I think about my family and friends and it holds me back from wanting to do that. I think about changing my job but as I’m not sure what I want to do or where or for whom, I keep sticking at it in case I may a mistake out there. I keep working at my second book but I’m conscious I lack time to concentrate on it and the days tick by with it hanging on in a draft state.

This isn’t really a plea for answers, more a general musing whether life should be safe or we should take the  plunge and be more adventurous sometimes. I hope that one day soon I can shake things up a bit. If I wasn’t such a worrier and thinker, I could be more impulsive but I tend to over analyse things and get bogged down in the negative. I can’t do this, I can’t do that.

I need to start saying I can!

Would you consider yourself adventurous? If so, how did you take the plunge? If not, what holds you back?




42 thoughts on “Miss Adventurous”

  1. Do something whacky! Do it! Anything. Take a couple of days off work either side of a weekend, jump in the car, and go somewhere!

    I think I was a lucky child. I spent a portion of my childhood living the expatriate life and have got to do a lot of travelling since. But I still never thought I’d taken any risks. Had and legitimately real adventures.

    Last week I decided to move from my home in New Zealand – The same town I was born in (albeit not 100% raised)- to Darwin, Australia. Eventually you just realise that the moment is now.

  2. I feel the same way! I’m stuck in a rut at my job, and I really feel like I’m wasting away there. It’s just not what I want to be doing. But the job market is so tough right now, I feel trapped! I think I need to be more adventurous too, and take a risk…ah we’ll see! I hope everything works out for you! *So awesome that you’re writing a book!*

  3. Wow, what a good post.
    I have 2 university degrees and haven’t lived home since I was 18….so I’m used to not being in my hometown…in fact, I pretty much never want to go back there!
    That said, I live in Canada…and I’ve moved A LOT in the last few years, been in 2 different universities, lots of different places of fieldwork internships, moved for jobs, etc etc…YET…NO ADVENTURE>….rather, its all been one big dull headache and in some cases, nightmare. So….
    I year for “adventure”…. I know what you mean….wow, cannot believe u are working on your 2nd book (do you work all day and write at night?). I haven’t written ONE word….yet I desperately want to write….lately I have no spirit or creativity and can’t even think of an idea or joy or spark for it….
    do you start with a certain method or just dive in?

    1. Thank you! Wow you have moved around, it seems like the grass is greener on the other side for us then! I do work all day sigh and I try and either write at night in bed or at the weekends.
      I find it easier to write longhand as I write faster than I type so often bring a notebook to bed and get my laptop out at weekends. It’s so hard though, a very long process. I think you have to just dive in, try and write something, anything and get into the habit! Good luck 🙂

  4. I think you’ve already read my thoughts on this, but I want to point out that adventures come in all shapes and sizes. If your not ready to take a big leap, take a small one. Maybe sign up for a class that will help you achieve your goal. Go to a writer’s conference and mingle. Take yourself on a trip somewhere to inspire your writing, and then write about it. Treat yourself to a mini adventure that stretches your boundaries and then write about it. Life is a series of small adventures, as long as you see it that way.

    1. Thanks Lisa, sound advice. I suppose sometimes I see people doing all these exciting things and see what I’m doing as dull in comparison but like you say, maybe I need to take smalls steps first and see where they lead. I admire you for your adventures overseas!

      1. That was my big leap, but I also have moments where I feel stagnant (like now). So that’s when I make mini-adventures for myself. Some of mine included: taking voice lessons; taking tap dance; taking a distance learning course in writing for young people (which led to the book that I am currently mourning); trying to do art; and recently studying piano. Maybe these don’t seem adventurous to some, but to me they took a little bit of courage.

      2. That’s what frustrates me about where I work because of long commute I don’t have much of an evening to try new things. I joined gym couple of years ago but gave up after 3 months as I couldn’t get there enough. I think they def take courage, it’s always hard trying something new and meeting new people so well done!

  5. Change is always hard cuz we can’t really predict how it’ll go. The good thing about trying something new is that if you don’t like it, you can always try something different again or go back to what you were doing before…but at least you know you’ve tried.

    Good luck!

  6. I would like to think of myself as adventurous though since I still live in my parents home when I’m not at college I can’t be quite as adventurous as I want. When I’m done with college though I plan on being adventurous, traveling to far of places, doing unexpected things just for fun and eventually being in dangerous yet exciting situations for my job as an FBI agent 🙂 Good luck on having some adventures! 😀

  7. Adventure is all in the eye of the beholder. I feel that my life is very boring…but others see the fact that I quit my job and moved out of state for 7 years…that I just bought a home on my own, etc as being adventurous. You need to do what you feel comfortable and happy doing. Don’t look at other people and compare yourself to them…you are YOU!

    PS. I think Lisa’s advice is spot on.

  8. Hey there!

    I just had dinner over a friend’s house, and she wrote a book that’s just been held onto…she and her husband finally decided to publish it on Amazon. I guess it costs like $700 something to publish it yourself…and they are tight on money (not sure how the how Amazon thingy works) but she knows there isn’t a book like this on the market, as she was looking for one herself. (about mom’s trying to wean their kids from nursing- she was having a really hard time with her daughter) Anyway, she illustrates and everything, so she did a picture book. It looks great!

    Now, if only the darn car hadn’t broken down costing $1,200! But she is going to publish it eventually…when she does, I’ll find out the info…as that’s an option(?) for all the writers out there, the whole Amazon thing? She’s taking the leap and just going to do it!

    Maybe that’s something to consider and give you the boost to get the book done? Consult writers you know in the blogging world, have them be “editors” & Publish it yourself?


    1. Sounds intertesing, I’ll look into it. I haven’t heard of many successes that way but it’s great she’s taking the leap. Publishing has so many closed doors, it would be good to kick a few down 🙂

  9. I LOVE Beauty and the Beast! Sorry, just had to get that out there, haha!

    I’m not all that adventuresome. I’m all about staying in my safe little bubble. This is part of why I married Christopher. He loves adventures and new things and big changes… it’s good for me, haha!

  10. Don’t worry too much about it Vix. As long as you’re happy it doesn’t matter if you haven’t lived in another town or something. Treat your holidays abroad as litttle adventures, I certainly do count them 🙂 My biggest plunge to date is when I braved myself to come to NZ for the first time, alone.
    P.S. You have written your first book?? Wow….!

  11. You CAN do it 🙂 Like Lisa said here before, the small adventures can be pretty exciting too… And they often lead to bigger adventures!
    Ome of the craziest things I did was when I was 21 I rather abruptly decided to go to Central America to study spanish and volunteer. I’ve never regretted it… And I also moved abroad to study (not very far though 😛 ) but that was more out of necessity than anything else (options are rather slim in a country of 300.000 ppl..;)
    One thing you could do if you don’t feel like moving or sth like that is to save up and go somewhere exotic and write for a few months! I really want to do that some day… I met a German dude in Panama that always spent 6months of his year teaching back home, and then 6months writing his book in Panama (where he could live like a king for little money)

  12. Wow Vix you got a lot of good advice, even though it was less a plea for advice and more a musing. But it seems like the comments are more a testament to how many friends you’ve made blogging and how much they care for your happiness. That is so cool.

    Honestly you sound a lot like me a few years ago, so I know what you mean about longing for adventure. I’ve made some changes, but feel like I am still transitioning. And in some places I am adventurous, but never with my finances (totally risk averse), which caps off my wanderlust, for now.

    1. Thanks Danielle, I’m so lucky how supportive everyone is! You’ve hit the nail on the head there, we need money for adventure and that can hold you back. Maybe I need to start playing the lottery 🙂

  13. Girl, I think we must somehow be related! I kid you not. I know the feeling all too well… I’ve been at the same place for 8 years, having held 5 different positions. It’s been great, but it’s also been time to move on for several years. I did take the bull by the horns once and moved to Maryland, but did so for reasons I thought were true and sincere even though I found out later they were not. the thing about adventure is it’s all about perspective as some of the others have shared…you can’t compare your life to those around you. I too don’t feel that I am adventurous, but heres the thing. Going skydiving or bungee jumping is not my idea of a good time; not the kind of adventure I want or need. Sometimes it’s the little things, like trying a new hair color or a brilliant shade of eyeshadow OR trying my hand at blogging 🙂 Don’t long for an adventure just because someone else has it or is doing it…find what suits you… Only you know yourself the best girl! (well, that is with the exception of me, because again, I think we are somehow distantly connected in one way or another!) Enjoy the little moments everyday… baby steps can start off any adventure 🙂

    Did any of that make sense? It’s been a long day! ha ha!

    1. Haha I think we might be 🙂 I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels like that or that gets stuck where they are. You’re so right that I need to find what suits me not copy others. I would def not sky dive eek, knowing my luck I’d my parachute wouldn’t open! Here’s to finding what we want …,

  14. I sometimes think just writing about such concerns can ‘even things out’, and even shine light on opportunities that otherwise might not have been noticed. Great post, Vix!!

  15. Girl, this is the fifth state I’ve lived in and I’m looking for #6. I think you are younger than me but as your most likely elder, I can tell you I regret so much about not chasing my dreams, moving, changing jobs, etc. when I was younger.

    I handed in my resignation at work today and only have one more month to go now. Scared sh**less but excited. I dont live near family but thats what planes are for. I have no clue what I am going to do for work but I am going to have a fun time trying. Follow your dreams 🙂

    1. You’re so brave! It’s so cool you’ve moved around and chasing your dreams, I really admire that. I look forward to following your adventures to a new place and job, you’ll find something amazing I’m sure!

  16. Life is short and it goes very quickly. You wouldn’t like to look back in 10 years and say I wish I did this or that. So my advice is if you feel like changing something, then just go for it and be happy…the adventur is already worth it, it makes you grow and makes you stronger!! Good luck!

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