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I love products. I love walking through the cosmetic area of a department store or making a trip to Boots, our biggest cosmetic / toiletries shop here in the UK. I love the smells, the fancy packaging and the promise of loveliness within. I am always on the look out for a new products although I also have a set of ones I stick to. I also pick up a couple of women’s magazines a week and check out the product reviews to see if there’s anything I should try.


I have discovered a new wonder product. I read a review in Look magazine, which raved about it so I brought one yesterday. Garnier spot roll on …

This is a tinted concealer and a spot reducer in one, claiming to reduce redness and soothe spots as well as cover them and that you’ll see results in 1 day. I was skeptical but used it last night on a big spot I’ve had for over a week and this morning, it’s shrunk and is less bumpy and red. The concealer is also amazing at covering the spot while you wait for it to go down. I’m loving this product! It costs about £7.50 so pretty good value for something that actually works!

For my face, I usually use the Simple range. I take my make up off  every night because working in London really makes your skin dirty and cloggy. I use their make up wipes, cleaner and toner plus their moisturiser, which I use every morning. I have quite sensitive skin and I’m pale so I like that this range is gentle and natural plus it’s not expensive. I might switch to a richer moisturiser soon with some anti-wrinkle protection as I think prevention on that needs to start soon!


I love a thick body moisturiser and go for body butter / souffle ones. Boots sell  range from a spa in London called the Sanctuary and I like their body souffle as it really replenishes your skin and smells yummy. You also get a huge tub for £10.

I spent a long time trying out different hand creams. I get quite dry hands especially in winter (and dry elbows!) so I do like to carry one in my handbag. I found a lof of them were really greasy. So I splashed out on Clarins hand cream and loved it. I have been buying it since – it really softens your hands but isn’t greasy and smells lovely. It’s expensive at £17 for a middle sized bottle but it’s lush.

Make up

I usually use the same foundation (Max Factor), blusher (Rimmel) and concealer with a dash of loose powder. I like to mix eye shadows up and have a range of browns, greens and grey for smoky eyes. I either use black pencil or liquid eyeliner as well.

One item I find really annoying is mascara It’s like looking for the holy grail to find the perfect mascara! And adverts are so stupid, at the bottom of  every one it says ‘Styled with lash inserts and enhanced in post production” – so basically the product has nothing to do with how lovely the girls lashes look. Grrr.

I used to use Benefit’s as I like the big brush but lately my lashes have been getting tangled in the corner of my eye so I decided I need to try a new one. I’ve actually ended up with two – one is a comb brush to separate my lashes and the other is a bigger brush with a good black colour to define them and curl them up more. Both are from Rimmel and seem to be doing the trick but I think unless you use flash eye lashes, you’re never going to get the perfect lashes. I tried false ones once and was useless, I glued them halfway up my eyelid  🙂

Do you stick to certain products? Tried any wonder products lately?



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18 thoughts on “Product Queen”

  1. Oh how I have grown to love products! This wasn’t always the case at all. I went for long periods of time where I didn’t take care of my face or wear makeup or anything only buying the cheapest of cheap if I bought anything at all. For some products this still holds true… my hair spray for example is a cheapo, $1 White Rain I buy at the dollar store because it’s the only thing that works! My favorite eye shadow was a color by Too Faced and was only sold in a paletter set so I was bound and determined to find a comparable replacement. My best friend found a PERFECT match but it is only sold in NY and not online as of yet. I think the brand is Inglot. It’s beautiful. My MUST have that I’ve raved about on my blog is Urban Decay’s Eye shadow Primer Potion in SIN. It makes my shadow stay put all day! I completely agree about mascara… none of them make my lashes look like those in the advertisements… SOOOOO frustrating! 🙂 I have to STAY AWAY from Ulta, because this girl could easily go broke there in a heartbeat!

    1. I think you’re right on choosing the best produce regardless of cost, you need to find the ones that work! I didn’t really bother back in school or uni, it’s when I started working really I got more into it and once you start it’s hard to stop 🙂

  2. I enjoy ogling at products too, even if I don’t have any to buy. I am using Simple’s wipes too, it’s really gentle and effective. I saw the Garnier roll-on on TV too…now you make me want to try it hehe! I use St Ives body lotion – economical, moisturising and it smells nice. I don’t really have a brand for make up, I buy whatever I fancy when I am hunting. I heard a lot of good reviews of Mac, so maybe I’ll buy their eyeliner next. Yes, I love mascaras too. Especially those with the fiber white wand at one end and the black one at the other. I’m using Maybelline at the moment. I tried the Fiberwig mascara once and loved it! Quite pricey though. Love the girly post 😉

  3. I like the L’oreal Voluminous for discount, and also Clinique has some nice natural finish mascaras. Fresh has a really nice combo set of mascaras, but one is so expensive, the idea of buying two seems ridiculous. I’m still looking too, let us know what you think of the Rimmel ones.

  4. Hooray for the Garnier roller thing (yes too lazy to scroll up to read the actual name) I’ve seen commercials for it but don’t know anyone who has tried it out.

    I tend to stick to Olay for face stuff but will take a chance on different brads if they are for sale. Makeup wise I like Loreal and Bare Essentials.

  5. you and me should do a joint blog, we are too similar!! maybelline falsies mascara… best thing ever. and i used to work for clarins so ive tried all the expensive ones…. it wins x

  6. I have a million different kinds of hair products. Always trying new gels, mousses, shampoos, etc. I recently just starting using Clinique skin care line. It’s okay. Not as great as I though. I love Bare Escentuals makeup. It’s all I wear, but I’m always trying out their new stuff.

  7. Boots no 7 protect and perfect creams because I’m not allergic to them. Johnsons baby moisturising cream ( because it’s not greasy and again I’m not allergic to it ). I do adore pretty much all of the Sanctuary ranges. And makeup it something I really don’t wear very often but I think my mascara is Maybeline?
    The only thing I spend loads of money on is my hair.. dragged through a hedge backwards is a common look for me unless I put copious amounts of gunk in it!

    1. Ooh yes that serum is supposed to be one of the only ones that I actually work, i may have to invest! Haha I feel your pain, my hair needs sorting out or else it looks like a bush 🙂

      1. The serum is brilliant I’d be lost without it, especially after such a long cold winter. ( I look like a bush even after it’s sorted.. just a slightly more groomed one! ) 😀

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