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Sunday songs for Mother’s Day

Firstly, let me say Happy Mother Days to all the mums out there especially mine who still looks after me at 28 🙂 I’m taking out for a shopping trip today and some food so should be a good day, I’ll let you know if I find anything!

Here are my music picks this week ….

Their new album caught my eye on iTunes and I sampled and purchased it. Not my usual taste but this album is amazing, a real craft and so powerful. Give it a try!

Hear this and then found out she’s on Greys Anatomy. A lovely song with some powerful vocals and lyrics. I hope she brings out an album soon.

This song is on an advert over here and I think it’s beautiful. Hr album is full of stomping pop tracks and more reflective ones like this, worth a listen plus she writes it all herself.

Have a lovely Sunday



13 thoughts on “Sunday songs for Mother’s Day”

  1. Love your Sunday picks Vicky! The Sara Ramirez song was just in the Grey’s episode this past Thursday. They did an entire singing episode, which I will admit was quite odd, but she has an AMAZING voice. I think singing in episodes should be left for Glee! 😀

  2. I think you gave a lot of us a scare in the U.S. I was thinking, what huh, is it May, urgh…but then I thought oh you guys in the U.K. have a different day to celebrate. Happy Mothers day to your Mom, I hope you guys enjoy it.

  3. Um, really hoping the UK Mother’s Day is different from the US because if not, oh crap.

    Now that I read the other comments, I think I’m good since some others were thinking the same thing!

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