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I’m a celebrity so I write books

I read the news that British TV presenter Tess Dahly (Strictly come Dancing) has been given a fiction book deal with a sigh. The trend for celeb fiction writing is growing and that seems to spell disaster for us wannabe writers. Publishers are stumping up big advances to pay for a name to write a book, which may be sub-par, whilst new writers will get a tiny advance, they may actually been more talented at the craft but can’t compete. Obviously publishers are hoping fans of the celebrity buy the book in big numbers, regardless of actually how good it is.

The celebs with fiction book deals ….

  • Tess Daly
  • Katie Price
  • Kerry Katona
  • Sharon Osbourne
  • Lauren Conrad
  • Hilary Duff
  • Martine McCutcheon
  • Cheryl Cole
  • Ulrike Johnson
  • Fern Britton
  • Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

There is also the question of whether the celebrities actually write the book themselves. Katie Price for instance has a “ghost writer” – she says she comes up with the plot and the writer puts it on paper. As we know, plot is only part of what it takes to create a novel – it’s also about language, style, tone, pace – I could go on. It seems that as long as the celeb name is on there to draw people in, how much they actually work on the book is irrelevant.

Most of the celeb authors tend to stick to the chick-lit genre, probably because it appeals to such a wide audience and their fans. Hilary Duff, however, has written one in the young adult fantasy genre, my favourite, so maybe I need to shallow my pride and check it out. It might even be good πŸ™‚

I just hope that this growing trend doesn’t push out new authors as a result. We need a diverse publishing industry so everyone can enjoy reading because I personally love a good book regardless of who has written it. So the moral of this story – more good books please!

Have you read a celeb fiction book – did you enjoy it? What do you think of this trend?



22 thoughts on “I’m a celebrity so I write books”

  1. If Katie Price has a ghost writer she should look for another one, and quickly! I know it’s easy to criticise, but I read one of her books and I wouldn’t read another one in a million years.

  2. I’ve never read any… I did go and check out Duffs book.. but it’s not on Kindle so I certainly wouldn’t get it ( I can try the book in Kindle ). However people who bought it also bought ‘Shiver’ by Maggie Stiefvater which I really enjoyed… oops… just got lost on Amazon… bad girl.. If you’re into fantasy try Melissa Marr and her Wickedly Lovely series.

    1. I liked Shiver too so maybe I would enjoy it. I’ve read that series, just finished it actually – I loved the first book but it did go a bit weird at the end πŸ™‚

  3. LOL.. too late! But at least I don’t have to smuggle books into the house.. just turn the wireless bit on and he’s none the wiser πŸ˜€
    ( shame you can’t do that with clothes and shoes…. )

  4. It absolutely drives me insane. There are some celebrity authors who actually write their own books (I think) and who I admire–for example Jamie Lee Curtis writes children’s books. I believe she really does write them, because children’s books aren’t high sellers anyway so it can’t be about making a bigger name. But, I am SO TIRED of this concept that if you are “talented” in one area (and that still remains to be seen in some cases) than you are talented in every area. Not all actors sing, not all singers write, not all ______ can ______. But, for some reason we create Renaissance Men/Women out of anyone with a big name. Did you see this post the other day?

    1. Sp true, they spread themselves so thinly they end up being okay at several things instead of brillant at one thing. Ha just read that post, the world has gone mad I think πŸ™‚

  5. I love this topic.
    I think its neat if the person actually writes it themselves…and I can’t really determine if something is “good” or “bad” because different subjects, writings, materials are meant to be different, and just that.
    As “creative artists” in an entertainment industry, it may be that some of these people are naturally inclined to write, act, sing, and engage in artistic, creative ways of life.
    I wouldn’t mind reading Conrad or Duff’s books just out of curiosity; but I haven’t read them (yet)….mostly because that kind of material tends to not appeal to me as much.
    What does bother me (kinda) is that nowadays non-fiction is the way to “go”…you have a greater chance of publication with non-fiction + platform than anything else…and you see everyone writing them. Health, self-help, real-life, diet and fitness, spirituality, how to find your “true meaning”, etc , etc…
    I think (think) I heard that Tyra Banks has signed a book contract to write novels about a group of girls who model or something …not sure….and not sure what to think about that…
    I will say this: as a human being , and with human nature, it does kinda irritate me…not so much that these people just write (and some of them DO NOT even write the book themselves) BUT, more so because I question if they would be published if they were NOT celebrities…
    many awesome writers , who have “no-names” in the world, fight and struggle to get agents and publishers, and they may have amazing books, stories, scripts, etc…but someone like Hilary Duff might only need to throw her name around to a few people, and she has a book deal in 2 seconds…
    then again, I am obviously jealous πŸ™‚ cause if I had that opportunity, I’d take it too πŸ™‚

  6. Unless it’s a true story about their life, please. Then it would make sense they are heavily involved.

    But here’s the thing, if you buy it…if the public buys it…that’s where the trend will follow and you will see more and more of this…

    Therefore, all bloggers and those on Scribble…have to unite! Boycott these books. However, people like Hilary Duff, and Miley Cyrus (not sure if she’s doing a book, if not now, probably will) you got the young teeny-boppers that will want it…and it will be the only “inexpensive” bday gift a friend/family memeber can pick up compared to digital gadgets and such. So you bet those will be purchased!

    Also, I love that Jamie Lee Curtis wrote a children’s book. She is one of the first to be a tv sponsor person advocating learning to read, etc. Whenever we’d watch Sesame Street, Jamie would pop up after with a “reading announcement.” and it wasn’t advertising her book. You know who else’s book I purchased at my son’s book faire? Weird Al Yankovich…and you know what, it’s a GREAT book! It’s funny about an 8 year old on share day. Perfect for my 7 year old first grader. πŸ™‚

    it’s called When I Grow Up…Good job AL! It Rhymes and the illustrations are so funny!

    So, if it’s quality stuff…then I say GO FOR IT? If it’s not, get word out and boycott!

  7. I think the only celebrity fiction I’ve ever read is from Steve Martin… but he’s a really great writer. I read a lot of celebrity non-fiction, though, as of late, but even those books are from people who I consider to be more respectable show-biz folk than Lauren Conrad or HIlary Duff. (In recent months, I’ve read non-fiction books by Gilda Radner, Carol Burnett, Steve Martin, the girl who played Lisel in The Sound of Music, Sarah Silverman, etc…) I am largely skeptical when it comes to celebrity-written material, *especially* fiction or even something like a cookbook. In my opinion, celebrity-written fiction takes away from more credible, less-“famous” authors.

    I don’t know if our MTV show “Jersey Shore” has made it to the UK (if it has, I apologize for the whole of the USA), but that girl, Snooki, “wrote” a book. I don’t watch “Jersey Shore” anyway, but I surely will not be reading that book either. But, I know there are a bunch of people who will read books simply because they were written by celebrities. That just makes me sad 😦

  8. I would be less inclined to buy a book written by a celebrity. I would assume that it was unlikely that they wrote it and unlikely that it’s good. But there are some people who may have talent. I think that’s few and far between. For me it would have to be someone who spoke well, and tended to formulate their own opinions, and you can tell which select few celebrities they would be. Like I like Jaime Lee Curtis, I could believe her writing a kids book. But I don’t want to read anything Sarah Palin wrote, one she’s a moron and I am embarrassed that she’s a woman and an American, and two she can barely talk for herself and when she does it’s insane giberish. You know she was a weather girl, come on McCain, what were you thinking. Sorry for the rant, but she burns my britches.

  9. I’m not a huge fan. I read Pamela Anderson’s book “Star” and it seemed to be the story of her life but was labeled as fiction. I can’t believe the Jersey Shore kids have books out there (making more money in a few yrs than I will ever make in my life!) If it’s someone articulate who I believe is an artist as opposed to a celebrity, I will read but these two bit “stars”, I will take a pass on.

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