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Where have you been all my life?

Here are the best inventions in my lifetime (from 1983 onwards) in my opinion:

1. Hair straighteners: I use GHDs almost everyday. My hair is naturally thick and wavy with a tendency to frizz especially in wet weather. Straighteners have meant I can actually style my hair. When I was younger it was very busy (think Hermonie from HP) until I chopped it into a crop at secondary school. Now I can have most lengths using these.

2. iPod: This is so handy for commuting to work, small and light and packed full of my favourite music. I do still buy CDs as I like the physical format and worry about losing my iTunes music (wish they would store it online for us) and they are tough about sharing songs and reducing their prices but overall I do love my iPod.

3. Laptops: growing up, I was one of the first years to learn computers at school but didn’t have my own one until I was at college. Laptops arrived when I was at Uni but were pricey, now you can get one for about £350 and it means you’re not confined to one room in your house or your house full stop. Mine is pink! Only issue is the heat on the old knees.

4. Skinny jeans: When these first arrived I was skeptical and though they would only work on models but I like wearing them with long tops or jumpers and tucked into boots. Very versitile!

5. Uggs: I actually don’t own an official pair, just high street versions but they’re so comfy and warm for winter. Great for working in the city.

I wish they would invent this

6. Flat screen TV and Blu-ray player: I love films as you know and this have made film watching pretty much like being in the cinema but without the annoying kids taking through everything. HD is also great for clarity of picture and sound, it’s like being there. I’m glad I’m not an actress though – you can see all the flaws! Flat screens are also great space wise – no more big chunky square boxes, they even go on the wall. I’m not sure about 3D TV yet but maybe it will improve.

7. The internet / email: This has come on leaps and bounds in my lifetime. I started my email account in 2000 and it was still new and strange then, I used to email my friends across the room! I can’t imagine working life without these tools. They’re just part of everyday now. And broadband is the icing on the cake.

8. Blogs: I had to include this! I only found Wordpress in December 2010 but it’s a great forum for writers and a place to share experiences and get to know people. Horray for blogging!

9. Mobile phones: I got my first one in my last year at secondary school and it was a brick with no texting. They have moved on so quickly, now I have an iPhone which does not even compare to that old Motorola! What did we do when we were stuck on a train, late home from work or in a car that had broken down in the middle of nowhere. A great invention if sometimes overused by people – do you need to talk that loudly all the way home?! Also the cameras are pretty handy too.

10. Google: I thought about Facebook but Goggle really is the best website in my opinion. I use it everyday without even realising it sometimes, it’s part of our langauge now and helps you find things amazingly quickly. Pretty darn nifty.

What’s your favourite invention of your lifetime?



25 thoughts on “Where have you been all my life?”

  1. Uggs…one of Bill’s aunt’s sent my 5 year olds some “Uggs” but she’s 5 and they were adult sized. I e-mailed Auntie Maryann and she laughed…oh those were supposed to go to my niece. Later, I see the niece post a BIG thank you on Facebook for her Uggs. I ask “What are Uggs” oh, the boots I returned. 🙂

    In Southern California there is no need for them, but some people still wore them with shorts out here. It looks rather silly, but people swear by ’em. You can’t get me out of my flip flops.


  2. Everything in this list except for Uggs are things I use almost daily! Though my iPod is broken so I just use an mp3 player I got really cheap at the store 🙂 But the rest of these definitely are wonderful! I too have the same problem with my hair, mine was very Hermione-esque until I got a straightener so I’m very thankful to have it! 🙂 And definitely blogs and Laptops I use ALL the time! 🙂 I like the list! 🙂

  3. Stopping by to thank you for subscribing to my blog recently. Of the things on your list, the internet is my biggie. I can barely remember life without it. It certainly makes my writing research easier!

    And no, Uggs are not just a British thing. I, too, live in California and it’s not unusual to see the young girls in short-shorts, tank tops, and Uggs. Ridiculous looking, but so are a lot of fashions.;-)

    1. You’re welcome, I love your posts! It’s really become a must have hasn’t it?! Oh god I wouldn’t wear them in summer – sweaty feet I’d imagine 🙂

  4. Uggs! Does the name come from “uggly”? 🙂 I’m sorry if I hurt somebody’s feelings but I really think they are awful, I don’t understand them! Nobody’s legs look good in them. But I know many girls like them.
    I’d have to add books, or something to read to the list. Unless I have my laptop, that is 😀

    1. Haha I know what you mean, I just like the comfort! Books are great but they were invented a bit before my time so I didn’t include. I hope they don’t go completely electronic though, I like my paperbooks!

  5. Oh Vix, you wouldn’t think the Uggs would be the hot topic, but lots of folks think they’re ugly. But they feel so yummy. I’m with you on your list, I don’t employ my hair straightener too much, but she’s there. They’re all there. FYI skinny jeans + uggs = one of the very few looks that uggs can pull off.

  6. thanks for your comment on my blog awhile back… i’m so behind in LIFE it’s ridiculous! 🙂

    oh i totally HATED skinny jeans for the first two years of their popularity… I tend towards larger legs, proportionally, so i figured they’d make my legs look huge. but now i wear them almost every day… so lovely with a good pair of boots 😉


    1. No prob, don’t worry it’s hard to keep up! Your comment went in spam for a bit but I rescued it 🙂 It’s amazing how used to an item of clothing you can get and often when you thought – no way before!

  7. ha ha … as a fellow ‘1983’er I definitely agree with the majority of your list … apart from 4 which I have never been able to fit over my ‘shapely’ calves, and 6, which I am yet to be able to afford!!
    I would add in Iphones (as I am currently mourning the theft of mine), and after two and a half years living abroad – Skype and laptops with webcams 🙂
    C-C xxx

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