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Sunshine, Shopping and Songs

Yesterday was a gorgeous day in Surrey – the sun was shinning and the sky was completely blue and it was amazingly warm for April. After I had my nails done (I get acrylic tips) I walked into the next town to make the most of the lovely day and to hit the shops. I really needed some summery shoes for work but not sandals because it’s too early and I find them hard to walk around London in.

I hit the jackpot, look what I came back with ….

Woo lots of shoes! I got two pairs on a buy one get one half price deal was well.

I chested and didn’t stick to just buying shoes. I also found a demin jacket and bag. Jackets are usually a nightmare but this actually fitted me. I got so excited, I took some pics of me wearing it as well.

I downloaded 2 really cool apps on the recommendation of Elin over at called ShakeIt Photo and Camera+. they both alter your pictures – ShakeIt turns them into vintage looking pics and Camera+ lets you crop and colour them. Check these out:

To get you all in the same sunny mood as we are over here, these are my song picks today:

James Vincent McMorrow – If I had a Boat

David Bowie – Changes

Alice Gold – Runaway Love

Have a lovely Sunday everyone!



45 thoughts on “Sunshine, Shopping and Songs”

    1. Haha sorry I shattered the illusion!! Got it from River Island. I’ve burnt a bit of my arm I missed with the sun cream poo but this will prob be our summer 🙂

  1. Girl, I love this post! Sunshine, shopping and songs are 3 of my favorite things…roll ’em all into one day, I’d say that ends up being a pretty awesome day. LOVE your finds! I’ve been searching for a denim jacket for a LONG time, but have had no luck with finding good fit (Damn chest! 😉 ). LOVE the shoes too… I know it’s early for sandals, but I AM READY! If my toes wouldn’t freeze I’d wear ’em through winter.

    Girl, these pictures of you are wonderful! You are beautiful!!! Love your hair, your eyes are so pretty and the sunglasses rock.

    I’ve not heard of James Vincent McMorrow, but fell in love with this song… already purchased from itunes this morning! Loving the Alice Gold song. Thanks chica… Always looking for new music to love!

    1. Yay for those three things, wish every Saturday was like it! I’m with you on the chest issue so I was pretty stunned it fit, stretchy fabric I think lol. Aw sweet thank ya chick 🙂
      The James song was free on our iTunes, I love how it builds. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  2. I love treating myself to clothes, but I hate shopping. It’s easier now that I my youngest goes to preschool every afternoon, at least. And I looooove Bowie’s Changes – it’s on my exercise playlist on my iPod!

  3. Glad you like the apps!! VERY cool photos of you (and great jacket) 🙂
    I love your shoes! Just bought a pair actually that kind of look like the brown ones (but in black) and a green version of the black sneakers… Similar taste much? 😉

  4. Oh that sounds like a lovely day spent and bonus for us we get to see your pretty face. It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon here. I think I am going to disconnect and join the walking world, maybe take a drive. Who knows, but you’ve inspired me to do something for myself.

  5. You are a beautiful girl!!
    I was going to visit London for some coctail dress shopping tomorrow but I may give it a miss and paint some chairs instead. Got myself into revamping frenzy

  6. LOVE shoe shopping!!!!! 🙂 Looks like you hit the jackpot! And I love your hair, by the way! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pic of you, and you’re too cute!

  7. I love your hairstyle, I wish I could rock the short cut!! Very cute 🙂

    I get so excited when I find a jacket that fits me so I completely understand your enthusiasm. I feel like everyone had perfect weather this wknd, I guess it’s international as well!

    1. Thanks hun, I might grow it put a bit it’s hard to keep my hair short, it grows quickly and thick! I change my hair a lot so I don’t really have any fear now 🙂

      Ah good to hear you get excited about purchased too! The world was sunny then yay, hope you enjoyed it!

      1. nothing worked!! 😦 I know it’s not a blogger problem as I can comment on blogs OK! 🙂 not sure why only you can’t comment! have you got a google account, or viewing in a different browser…?

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