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Hamster in a wheel

Do you ever feel like a hamster in a  wheel? Constantly running on the same circle? Going through the same motions on an endless treadmill?

Sometimes I can’t see a difference between my days. They are filled with work and commuting with a snatch of an evening and a collapse into bed. I sometimes forget to think I’m on such a cycle of repeat. I spend the week wishing for the weekend and then the weekend flashes by at a blink and you’ll miss speed.

I used to wonder if it was just me but I look at people on a Monday morning – they have the same bleary eyes, they are yawning and pale, they are depressed that it’s all rolled around again. Most of them on the train are asleep like me.

I read os much now about how our lives are one constant blur of work and stress, our dependency on technology and always being ‘on’ means we don’t switch off, we don’t rest, we just keep going until we collapse with a cold or something. This always happens to me. Whenever I stop or go on holiday, I inevitably fall ill. It’s like my body is screaming for me to just stop. When I was in Paris last month, I caught a horrible cold, it was so annoying.

I get so frustrated about how tired I get. My journey to work everyday is long and leaves me shattered. I get home and just want to collapse in front of bad TV. I often think about words I want to write more of my book but just can’t manage to pull out my laptop or pen and put it down.

I think back to my school days and think I had it so easy back then, even at university too. There was so much less stress and worry and time filling. I used  to have lie-ins. Now my body is so programmed to wake up at 6.15am, it does it on the weekend too. I’m lucky if I sleep much past 7am now. Whilst I quite like having a full day stretching head of me, I’m also annoyed that I can’t sleep more just for once.

I tell myself it won’t be like this forever. Either I’ll get my book deal or find a new job that requires less commuting or meet a rich man who lets me write and shop all day (:)) or something equalling unlikely but what if it is always like this? What if life just floats by whilst you stress yourself out and just get more and more exhausted?

Okay time to picture me here ….

Do you ever feel like your stuck on the treadmill of life? How do you de-stress?



49 thoughts on “Hamster in a wheel”

  1. I totally feel like this too! I think we all feel that way from time to time. Hopefully, you can find something that you enjoy doing during the time spend on the wheel which will make it a little less painful.
    If you find that rich guy, and he has a rich brother, could you send the brother my way? =)

  2. Oh that is so like me! Although my commute’s not too bad 15 min walk to train, 12 min train then 20 min walk to office and back ( my Kindle is my companion ).
    I did learn a very important lesson… listen to your body, take time to relax and de-stress. I didn’t and ended up collapsing with meningitis – it took me 3 years to get back to any normality and 5 years before I was fit enough to return to a proper job.

  3. Hamsterwheel-itis seems to be a common ailment in modern society. I often think I was meant to live in another period, when we had to learn how to entertain ourselves and so managed to do it better. I’m not saying people never suffered boredom or the doldrums or depression, but they had more skills of pulling themselves out of it than we do to today. Sure we have lots of things to distract us through technology; but sometimes that technology simply makes things worse. When I feel the way you do, the tv becomes an irresistable time sucking seduction that only continues the cycle.

    So, my friend, I’m giving you an assignment. This weekend, even if only for a couple of hours, I want you to have an adventure. Go to a new coffee shop or go on a walk somewhere you’ve never been. Find someplace to explore. Don’t worry if you have to do it alone, sometimes those moments can become the most fulfilling. Be open to possibility and then report back with a blog. do you accept this assignment?

    1. I know, I always watch / read Jane Austen things and wish we still visited each other like that! I do accept it, I already had a plan along those lines – I’ll let you know how it goes, thanks Lisa 🙂

  4. I’m 100% like this. I just actually wrote about my terrible commute. I’m getting so sick of being sick and tired. My job is not so good, but since the economy in the US is still pretty bad, I know I won’t be able to find anything else. It’s really terrible. Ugh, I feel for you. Let’s both get our books published and become rich and famous!

  5. On the plus side the weather is getting better, more hours of daylight which means we have more time to do things we want rather than getting up in the dark, going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark 🙂
    I’m looking forward to it being warm enough to lie in my hammock and read a book with a large G&T or Pimms by my side ( and we do have 4 bank holidays to look forward too! )

  6. I do feel like that sometimes and I get super overwhelmed! When that happens I just either talk to my friends about it or I’ll just sit down and think about how it’ll get better. I also pray about it a lot and ask God to help me not to worry. He always helps me a lot! 🙂

      1. Haha thanks! It just came off the top of my head. I definitely think to much a lot though… It’s a problem I have. Which God also gets me through. He’s a wonderful comforter!

  7. Yeah, I hear ya! That’s why I use writing (and renovating my house 😉 ) as a means to break up the monotony. If I have some creative endeavor, I feel replenished.


  8. urgh. I hate my job but I consider myself lucky as me mam drives me to work (we work at the same place) and I work in my paid job in the mornings, leaving me to write (and shop!) in the afternoons. I manage to de-stress by getting offline at 6pm and just watch trashy tv.

    I also hated my commute when I worked up in London for 6 months. Not getting a seat on the train = FAIL.

    I can’t wait for the day til I become a fully-fledged writer – and get enough money so I can move to Scotland! 😀 Hmm, we must be london writer bloggers anonymous!


    1. You’re so lucky to have afternoons free I’m so jealous 🙂 One good thing is I do get a seat as my station is end / start of the line but tube is stressful! Haha yeah we need a support group 🙂

      1. the bad thing was that as soon as the train pulled into my station (2nd to last station before L Bridge), it was already full, worse if there was a canx train! And yeah a suppor group please? I need to test my plot of my novel on someone!!


  9. I know exactly how you feel! I actually just wrote a post on a very similar. Time seems to slip away from us so quickly and when we look back…what do we have to show for it?? I think it’s all about taking a step back and realizing that as busy as we may be we do have the opportunity to choose how we spend out time and what kind of memories we’ll be taking into the future.

  10. I don’t feel like this ‘some of the time’ or even ‘part of the time’, but ALL of the time. And I’m so sick of it. My boyfriend and I are both on a mission to get off that stupid hamster wheel, but it sure isn’t easy. Neither of us are wealthy, unfortunately. But we’ve been working on it. I want to be a hermit, actually, and I have the land to do it. So that’s my goal.

  11. I used to feel more like this before I started dating my husband. I was such an over achiever that I was forever multitasking and never taking a break. My husband is the most laid back person I’ve ever met. He was good for me. Taught me to relax. Taught me to be spontaneous. Love him. 😉

  12. When I feel this way, I go out of my way to do something different…go to the library if we haven’t been…watch a new t.v. show…go to a different grocery store. Anything to mix up the routine.

    Perhaps you can join a gym and pick up a new kick boxing or spinning class. Or go sign up for a pottery class or something? It’ll mix things up a bit! 🙂


  13. Grrr…my comment didn’t go through. OK, now to remember what I said, not that it was genius, but it was genuine.

    Sweetie, it’s just that you sound miserable, which makes me sad. I think hamsters like those darn wheels, but you don’t and you probably need to get off yours. I was in the same place that you are, but I am determined not to live like that. It’s been hard and I am still transitioning, but I don’t want to hate my “everyday life.” I want your life to be filled with lovely activities and you to be happy, being happy is being successful in it’s own respect.

  14. I’m sorry to shatter your dreams, but didn’t you mention that you wanted kids and stuff one day? I’m warning you, then you will feel even more like a hamster. Really, sometimes I struggle to find any sense in life as every day is so freaking same as the other.

  15. I’m a student and I am so aware how nice it is that I can pretty much do whatever I want whenever I want with few ties, except for my health. I have CFS so I am quite exhausted most of the time but I try to write for 5 minutes each night, no matter how tired I feel. It’s a piece of advice that has popped up time and again when I’ve read advice from published authors. In the beginning I found it really difficult but after only a few weeks, I was quite surprised how much I was managing to achieve, and because I love writing, that 5 minutes a day gets me through the whole day, no matter how sick I get. Maybe it can get you through the rat race each day?

  16. Juggling work and raising 3 kids was a crazy time of my life, and I often felt like I was on a hamster wheel, wanting to get off’ it’s a wonder I didn’t fall off! To get some quality ‘me’ time, I would get up an hour earlier in the morning to enjoy my coffee and the quietness of just being alone – no-one pulling at me to do this or that – I swear it kept me sane!
    I love gardening, so when I had the time, I would potter in the garden – it’s a great de-stresser!
    You need some ‘me’ time methinks.

  17. Wow, this post spoke to me Vix! I have felt the same way as you too….just stuck. And tired. I think you are on the right track though. At least now you know you love to write and blog! I say write to de-stress 🙂

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