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I am really attractive ….

….. to old men!

Yep – if there’s an old man in the vicinity he will be drawn to me like honey to a bee. I’m talking over the age of sixty here. Any function – work or wider family, if there’s an older man there (can be married ro single, doesn’t stop them), they will latch on to me and tell me how lovely I am and how they wish they were younger (to do what I would never ask obviously but I shudder to think!).

It’s so annoying – I get no attention from men my own age. Perhaps I should embrace my power and do an Anna Nicole Smith and marry a wealthy old man?!

Anyone else attractive to the older man? What’s the oldest man you would date?




30 thoughts on “I am really attractive ….”

  1. I have had some old guys hit on me before but in general they don’t seem to be especially attractive to me… The oldest I would date… Hmm… I don’t know. Not much older but I’d make exceptions for David Tennant and Matt Smith! 😉

  2. I dated a man 20 years older than me. It was fun for a while.
    That pic of Anna and her sugar daddy is just wrong. LOL!

  3. Thats awesome. Old men love me as well, what gives?? I am not a huge fan of older, older men but think 10+ yrs older than me would be my cap for dating someone. Unless it’s George Clooney of course….

  4. I think the older generation always looks fondly on the younger generation, and that can be sweet, but if they’re looking to have some sort of relationship of a um….sexual nature, run for the hills. Run, because they’ll never catch you, I don’t care if he’s driving a rolls, yuck and a half, no!!!!!! I like a man a few years older (five is good, ten is OK, fifteen max, and he’s gotta be a youngish older guy), but not one who could be my father.

  5. I didn’t get the old guys. I’m extremely pale, and before marriage/kids I used to always get black men (African/American) that would hit on me. I think it’s the beauty we find in others…whole opposites attract kind of thing. For the same reason white boys didn’t find me attractive (not tan enough) black guys did…and I was attracted to Hispanic men because they had darker skin!

    Odd how that works?


  6. I know your pain! All my neighbours are over 70 and all of them want to flirt and go out with me! What’s going on!

    My oldest date was 16 years older than me. But I like older men (not pensioners, mind, ok?)

  7. I love older men in their 40s (especially if they’re Scottish and look like Mr Big in SATC). Cool enough to be a great soulmate, but young enough NOT to be my dad/grandfather.


      1. he IS!!! 😉 He’s one sexy beast!!! I’ve mentioned him (again!) my my Suddenly I See post on Wednesday (at least there’s a post scheduled for this week!!)

        I do now want to see SATC2. And get the series boxset.

      2. JEALOUS!!! I’m getting series 1-6 boxset in hmv next week. Cannot wait. But, I need to get a DVD player first. And my freeview fixed…!!

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