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Easter break

Yay it’s Easter and for me that means 11 days off! We have a ton of bank holidays over here in the UK including the royal wedding (I’m sure you haven’t heard much about that lol) and I’ve taken a couple of days off in between them so I have a nice long stretch off.

Here are my plans for my days off …

1. See family – my cousins are coming to visit over the weekend so it will be nice to catch up with them.

2. Shopping – I want to find that elusive lipstick and get some more summery outfits.

3. Easter eggs – I can’t not have a couple. I heart chocolate!

4. Writing and reading – I’d like to do some writing and tuck into some good books. I’ve brought a few in anticipation so I’m looking forward to getting into them.

5. Watch Doctor Who – the new series starts tomorrow yay. This is one of my favourite shows so I’m super excited to see it.

6. Watch films –  Harry Potter, Iron Man 2 and Knight and Day on DVD. Again brought in anticipation of the break, looking forward to watching them. I’ve seen HP at the cinema but haven’t seen the others. I enjoyed the first Iron Man film so I hope the sequel is good.

7. Try and be a bit healthy – I want to eat more fruit and do some walking whilst I’m off. As the weather is looking nice this should be easy to do.

8. Sunbathe – the heat wave is supposed to continue so hopefully I can look a little bronzed by the end of the break.

9. Get my nails done – I get acrylic tips in french polish style done every couple of weeks and will get them done today so they’re looking good.

10. Rest. It’s been a hectic few weeks so I’m just looking forward to a restful time off. And of course, I’ll crack out the Pimms! 🙂

I shall also make an effort to keep posting and reading!

What are your plans for Easter?



36 thoughts on “Easter break”

  1. here are my plans:

    1) watch S&TC2. And buy the SATC boxset 1-6.
    2) get a backyard tan
    3) I’ve got relatives coming over, anyway. i.e. my sis-in-law and my bro. We may watch SATC or Harry Potter at one point.
    4) Go shopping! I need some new bits & pieces – and I want to go to TK Maxx
    5) Plant my strawberries
    6) buy some new nail varnish
    7) Watch Dr. Who! 😀
    8) Do some writing! 🙂
    9) listen to MFR (like I do everyday haha – it’s a radio station in the North of Scotland, I have it (the MFR app) on my iPod so there’s no excuse!)
    10) Get lots of sleep!!!!

    and, that’s it. I’m normally v. lazy when it comes to holidays!

    have a great easter!

  2. Sounds like a great break ahead of you! I plan to enjoy some R&R and catch up on some writing projects I have going. Got five days off in total so should be able to be quite productive!

    1. I’ve got Lauren Oliver – Before I Fall, Cassandra Clare – City of Fallen Angels and Bree Des Spain – The Lost Saint. I’m also finishing off Catcher in the Rye first. You should def give Dr Who a watch!

  3. Ooh, I am SO JEALOUS! We don’t get any time off in time for the holiday. But I’m sure I will cram in catching up on my sleep, writing, and eating a ton on Easter! Have a great break!

  4. sounds fun vic! i intend to see the hollywood stars and camp in the grand canyon! slightly different to my normal eat a whole load of easter egg in one sitting and marvel at how little i have done

  5. You’re lucky; I only get four days off, including this weekend.
    Already on my fifth episode of Doctor Who for today, though. 🙂

  6. Eleven days? Now that’s just down right fabulous. I hope you have a great time girl. I personally don’t have a list, I’m more of a do whatever kind of gal, I used to have lists, until I realized I was just wasting paper (except for grocery lists).

  7. I am with you on all except 2 and 7.
    Dr Who episode taped as garden too delicious to miss.
    Plus doing some writing – currently avoiding it by surfing blogs. So Back to the Future aka keyboard. But…have you tried Battlestar Gallactica or The Wire? A bit darker that your ‘usual suspects’ – worth the effort, but note, can be addictive. 😉

    1. The garden def has a lure in this lovely weather! No I haven’t seen those ones, heard they’re good so I should check them out but not sure I can handle getting hooked on another series yet lol. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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