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WordPress is Weird

On Thursday, I logged on to WordPress and was surprised to see sudden peak in my daily stats shooting up from just over 200 to over 3,600. Ooh I thought – have I been picked for the elusive Freshly Pressed?

Uh no.

For some reason there was a sudden peak in search engine terms driving traffic to my site. The term typed in was “purple nature gif” and it was sending them to my home page. I could only think it was my butterflies post where there is a picture of a purple butterfly but how strange that some many people would suddenly want that. When I typed it into Google and Google images, I couldn’t find my blog at all.

It’s a mystery!

However, it did mean that my total stats got pushed over the 10,000 mark (to just over 13,000) yay! But I’d rather have got there with geunine readers like you guys …

 Have you ever had search engine jumps like this or any WordPress weirdness?




42 thoughts on “WordPress is Weird”

  1. hey! got the same response on my blog during Christmas, where 4000 views were registered (and I had just started blogging!).. Needless to say that it had made all stats very unreliable since (at least i don’t really believe them, but they should show a trend on the long run!).. Blogging about “trendy” topics adds to your traffic, but what is trendy?? keep up the good writing!!!:)

  2. I’ve given up trying to understand WordPress. I don’t understand how they pick the Freshly Pressed (since many times those are not all that good). I don’t understand how search terms find me. I don’t understand why some people’s blogs are so popular and some really wonderful blogs get overlooked. I also noticed that, since my declaration of quitting, my stats are falling. I’m still reading, I’m still writing, but somehow it feels like WordPress is taking revenge on me. Oh well. By the way, I STILL can’t find you on Facebook. Can you please find me (I have the same picture up as here and am in Independence, KS)


  3. The Redneck Princess and I are having difficulties with our “subscriptions”

    I get e-mail notifications several times. Sometimes 3x when she releases a post. I unsubsribed from them all and then resubscribed. Thought it fixed the issue- did not! Randomly, I’ll get one notification and then 2 or 3.

    As for Donna, she said she’s subscribed but not receiving any e-mail notifications at all when I post! She has resubscribed to me a couple of times!

    We can’t figure it out…also, she said some weird stat stuff was happening on her blog and that anything with SEX in the title or eluding to sex, has huge hits…and her “scheduling” post into the future, the time thing is not working properly.

    My stats have stayed fairly consistent.


  4. I’ve had some interesting issues with WordPress stats, too. I have spikes some days, too, and then discover the referring sites are spam sites. I don’t know exactly what they get out of including my link on their site, since I’m the only one who can see and click their link related to my blog and I don’t do that. WordPress is aware of it and tries to stop it, but new spam sites crop up all the time. It doesn’t seem to hurt anything, just gives me false stats.

  5. I’m trying not to get too emotionally involved with the numbers of the blog. It totally messes with my head. Some days are better than others, but it’s supposed to be a journal right, who ever heard of journal stress? I don’t know…

    1. You’re so right. Journal stress = oxymoron.

      Different animal, same pain: I’m over on blogspot, and ever since I added a poll widget, I get a ton of false hits looking up poll results. Looking for a new widget…

  6. I get the odd spam referring links too. I don’t think it is wordpress doing this, but I am glad that we have the dashboard so that we can see all the weird ways of internet traffic.

    My top search is always something to do with vampire cheerleaders. I did a post on that once, but I find it really amazing that there are people out there looking for that, and that what they find is my post.

  7. google does that, doesn’t it??
    I haven’t blogged for two months, so I’m thinking, when I log back on, there wouldn’t be any traffic.
    But I was wrong. google directed random traffic to my page, not as much as you, but still.
    So random

  8. Funny…I’m not really sure how I found you…I know I didn’t search, I simply clicked something but can’t remember why I clicked it and stuff… Oh well…here I am..reading and stuff….


  9. Girl that’s some crazy stuff! I’ve had a couple random spikes in stats but that was only up to about 200 viewers in one day… I don’t know why people don’t come through my way as frequently as some others… BUT, As D mentioned, trying not to pay too much attention to the numbers. It’s tough though!

  10. Damn girl, thats a lot of visits! Mine gets like that with obscure searches like the tuna the wonderfish actress-random or when I get a lot of spam visits but I have never had that many!

  11. The internet in general is weird! But I get your point, search terms are unpredictable sometimes, I get tons of hits from writing about or just mentioning Bree Olson.

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