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The Royal Wedding

I’m not a massive fan of the Royal family, mostly I’m indifferent – their just always there. But there are some execptions to this. Moments when you have to watch them be reminded of their place in British life. Plus we’ve been given the day off for the event so I’m feeling pretty grateful to them right now 🙂

So this morning, like billions around the world I’m settling down to watch Kate Middleton become Princess Catherine and marry Prince William. Us Brits do these occasions brilliantly – we work the tradition and pomp, the glamour and elegance and put all our problems aside for a good old knees up. I know today will be no exception.

I’m mostly looking forward to seeing what Kate will wear. I know she will look simple and elegant and do everyone proud. And the guests  outfits too – Victoria Beckham will be one to keep an eye out for. I think it will be lots of fun to watch so let’s all sit back and watch a girl become a princess. Lucky cow.

Who else is watching? Any parties going on?




33 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding”

  1. Oh sweet, you got a day off. I’m not really following it, but it’s cool that you are. I’m gonna be dumb and ask what’s a knees up?

  2. As an expat of Britain, now living in Australia, I will be watching it tonight our time.
    I’m proud of my British heritage and will probably feel very nostalgic seeing the TV coverage with all the pomp and ceremony in London; wish I was there in person.
    And yes, we are having a knees up – a few friends are coming round for a barbie before we get glued to the big screen!
    Can’t wait to see what Kate is wearing! 🙂

  3. eek, day off is spent by being ill. Urgh, painful limbs and a migraine is not a fun way to spend a bank holiday.

    I do love Catherine’s wedding dress (I was right that it’s a McQueen make); however I haven’t seen Posh Spice’s outfit yet.

    Oh and I’m watching the beeb because, urm, they’re doing the scottish coverage too! 🙂

    Oh well, now the wedding’s over, I’m off to paint my bedside table! 🙂

      1. Thank you! felt better this afternoon after taking numerous tablets and listening to R1 (very unlike me!! but they were doing the takeover thus playing loads of 80s/90s tunes!) and had a few bevvies tonight whilst watching the one show!! Hopefully will be back to full health tomorrow! xx

  4. The wedding started a little too early for me, but I did catch the tail end and their carriage ride to the palace. I sat around and waited to the balcony kiss and then took off for work. I do have to say, I thought she looked beautiful.

  5. Kate looked beautiful, it’s probably difficult to find a dress that is “royal family appropriate” yet young and modern. I think her sister looked fab too!

  6. I had a friend here in my dorm get up this morning at 3am just so she could watch it, that’s ALL she’s been talking about for weeks! I personally am somewhat indifferent to, had it been on here in the states in the afternoon I probably would’ve watched it for fun but as it is I’m good with just looking at pictures of Kate’s dress! 🙂

  7. A DAY OFF- no way- are they going to put it on your calendar as a annual holiday, as well. So that annually you’ll get the day off from work in observance of their anniversary?

    Wow, my husband and I haven’t really celebrated our anniversary. In fact, he’s going to be gone working. It’ll be 8 years.


  8. Its “THE” wedding of the century. I am not too excited per se, but I am certainly interested. I love, love, love her dress, she looked so serene and just beautiful without trying too hard. Here’s to a happy life to William and Kate 🙂

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