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So many books, so little time

While I’ve been off work, I have bene to the shops several times (of course!) and seem to have accumulated a stack of books that need reading. I’m running out of space to house all my books but want to keep them for a future book shelf display when I actually have my own house and I just can’t stop buying books!

I love to read but even I’m a bit overwhelmed by this little lot …

  • The Crimson Petal and The White by Michel Faber – This was recently adapted by the BBC but I missed it so tought I’d try the book first. This was in Waterstones 3 for 2 so I went for it. It’s the biggest book I’ve ever seen though! It’s quite daunting to look at it 🙂
  • The Taker – Alma Katsu – an adult vampire book in the 3 for 2 offer and as I love vampires I couldn’t resist.
  • Angelogy by Danielle Trussoni was my final 3 for 2 purchase. I’ve heard a lot about this book and wanted to give it a try. Angels are the new vampires apparently lol.
  • Only the Good Spy Young – Ally Carter  – the fourth book in the Gallagher Girls series. The first three were bags of fun so this should be a light read.
  • The Lost Saint – Bree De Spain – the sequel to the Dark Divine – a werewolf young adult book with religious references.
  • The Green Angel – Alice Hoffman. I’ve never read a Hoffman book but she sounds like my kind of thing. This book though is tiny and really thin (lucky it was only cheap from Amazon) so I’m intrigued to see what it’s like.

Plus I’m yet to read City of Fallen Angels and the new Sookie Stackhouse book is out next week. No I must read the above first, stay off Amazon. I said stay off Amazon!

Have you brought any new books over Easter? Have you read any from my purchases?



27 thoughts on “So many books, so little time”

  1. Not trying to peer pressure you in to deviating from your extensive list, but I am soooo looking forward to the new Sookie! I have it on pre-order from Barnes & Noble in hopes that it will show up day of release for me to start! I’m going to pick up my copy of Rob Lowe’s book today at lunch and hopefully get it autographed! That should keep me busy till Sookie shows up!

  2. I was at the bookstore yesterday too!! I bought Dead in the Family (Sookie), A Clash of Kings (second Game of Thrones book) and A Visit From the Goon Squad! Can’t wait to read them all! And I’m running out of space for my books too haha!

  3. Angelogy sounds interesting! I’ll make sure I find time to give it a read. Unfortunately, I am a big sucker for the Twilight series, and always will be. I’m very cliche with my reading; i love harry potter! But one day I will expand my novel collection that exists outside what EVERYONE is always reading. Though I do love the ‘Tomorrow’ series by John Marsden.

  4. I havent read any of those or bought any new books in awhile. But my sisters did lend me Bel Canto about a year ago and I still havent read it so I guess its time I get around to it huh?

  5. I have that same problem. I have books in my room that I haven’t read (and I’ve had them for years) yet I still keep checking new books out of the library.

  6. Ooo it’s so much fun (but still overwhelming) to have so many books on the read-list! i haven’t read any of the books on your list.. but I have a long list of books of my own that are sitting in my book case ready to be read 🙂

  7. I’m trying to get through Jump by Jilly Cooper. Got it from my mother in law, so have to read it as she will ask me about it. I’m struggling though.

  8. Hey Vixter,
    I have read the Crimson Petal and the White. I found it very interesting. There were points in it that were a bit dry, as you say it is a huge book, but all in all it was a great read. Without giving anything away, I was left surprised right up to the last chapter. I hope you enjoy it!
    Ahh!! The new Sookie book is out this week?!? I was unaware, and now I think you may have made my day!!!
    I have been devouring a Laurell K. Hamilton series that I had avoided for years because I thought I didn’t want to read about a vampire hunter, but the Anita Blake seies is soooo much more. There are 15 ? books in the series, I started reading two weeks ago and I am eight books in!! (Hamilton’s Meridith Gentry series brought me to Anita Blake. Also a good series, about a fai princess living in modern US… heavy on sex, but as long as that doesn’t offend you I highly reccomend the seies. There is a bit of fantasy without it being unbelievable at all!)
    Wow, I think I wrote a little too much! Sorry!

    1. Ooh sounds good, I’ll have to get cracking on it! I caved and got the Sookie book and read it over the weekend oops, was really good, you should get it. Oh no another vampire series eek, I can’t get hooked on another one lol 🙂
      That’s okay, I love long comments!

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