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Moments in our time

Growing up, you’re taught history at school and you often wonder what it would have been like to actually life through it. It almost doesn’t seem real – just pages in a book like a story. My two main subjects in history at school were the Tudors and WW1 and WW2. The wars although far more recent still didn’t feel real because I wasn’t there. There will be moments in my lifetime that future kids will learn in school and it’s amazing to think history is being written as we speak.

For me, the two biggest events in my lifetime that will go down in history have come back on the news in the last couple of weeks, making me think back to those moments.

The death of Diana – the scenes in Paris were shocking and tragic and Britain mourned a loved princess. I remember watching her funeral and the sadness that poured out from people, it was so moving. Last week we had the Royal Wedding – Diana’s son marrying Kate. Diana’s absence was felt by everyone I think but the couple made sure she was remembered by Kate having her engagement ring and one of her favourite hymns being sung. Westminster Abbey was the setting for her funeral and his wedding, both key points in our royal history and two days that will never be forgotten.

September 11 – watching this tragedy unfold on TV was numbing, it was like watching a film, unable to believe it was really happening. I’ve been to New York twice – once the Twin Towers were there, the second time they had gone. Walking around Ground Zero was so strange, a building site that hid the horror of that day. With the news that Bin Laden has been killed, so many thoughts are returning to that day. I can’t begin to imagine what it’s lie for people who lost loved ones that day and I just hope they have some feeling of closure now and can find some peace. Whether that peace extends out around the world remain to be seen.

What will our future children think and feel when they read about these moments? What will their world look like? Let’s hope our history helps them lead stronger and better lives and lessons are learned in the future. Because if one thing comes out from these events, it should be love.

To end with, I’m going to use the quote that Lisa shared in her post today:

“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

What moments of our time stick out for you?




28 thoughts on “Moments in our time”

  1. I didn’t get to watch the wedding and dont have a DVR but was wondering if they did anything in memory of Diana at it? I remember when she passed, I was driving back from checking out a college, it was my senior yr in hs.
    9.11 is definitely the one I will remember forever. I was in college, sitting in the living room of my sorority house when breaking news came on. I still get chills.

  2. Sadly,much of history is not being taught correctly as it is being altared for political correctness. Though much of it is horrid, you can’t sacrifice truth for political correctness. Those moments also stand out in my mind and heart.

  3. I remember when Diana died, my Parents were in Paris at the time and I was at work. I heard it on the radio and the stunned silence that followed was unbelievable.
    9/11 was also horrendous, as was 7/7! I have some close family who were very lucky that day.
    Unfortunately I am dreading the response to Bin Laden’s assasination.

  4. Vicky,
    I wouldn’t watch the wedding because I watched Diana’s with tears of awe, and then I watched her death with tears of sadness. I didn’t want to jinx Kate. Because, of course, the world revolves around me. LOL (Seriously I was too sick to watch the wedding). Thanks for mentioning my post. (Not that it matters, but I think the link isn’t working).


    1. I think Diana would have been proud and I hope they have learnt from past mistakes and live a long happy loving life! I’ve changed the link, seems to be working now 🙂

  5. History. sometimes i tried to imagine i’m on that certain event. and thinking wat shud i do. Like during the dwelling of the spaniards here in the philippines. Soz the books says life during that time were awful for Filipinos.

  6. It is hard to imagine what things must have been like in the past. It’s interesting how when things do happen, it feels surreal.

    Great post–you certainly mentioned important things to remember.

  7. 9/11. 7/7. Di’s funeral. Di’s death on TV. The Royal Wedding. Things like that. Things that you don’t want to believe that are happening but they are….!

  8. I remember watching 9/11 on Television and seeing the second plane hit the towers. Watching the towers subside into the ground and the sense of horror and disbelief this left me with

  9. I know 9/11 will be one of the most historic (and horrific) things that have happened during my lifetime. I will never forget the images I saw on television and in print. The days and weeks following were so surreal… even where I was living in Ohio at the time. We had bomb threats at our school that week. Everyone was just so on alert all the time. It was really scary, just because none of my peers and I really knew/understood what was going on.

    Also, Hurricane Katrina was very devastating. I don’t know how much coverage that got outside of the US, but that was a very, very low moment for us. Though I was not living in any of the affected areas, this event really brought to light both the good and bad aspects of our way of life here in the US. People were helping people, but at the same time, other people weren’t being helped enough. The images from Katrina’s aftermath, like those from 9/11, will always be fresh in my mind because they were so horrific and powerful.

  10. That MLK quote is very powerful…and I could not agree more. As devastatign as 9/11 was…as frightening and horrifying as I recall that day to be including desperate phone calls to friends and family who worked in NYC (my hometown is a NYC suburb full of commuters)I can’t rejoice at anyone’s death.

  11. 9/11 is definitely a historical moment that sticks out for me… And also the financial crisis and its huge impact on my country(both the financial impact as well as the public outcry).
    Love the MLK quote!

  12. I had the same feeling recently. ” I should probably stop and take these things in. I think this is history happening.” It’s bizarre to think that my son and someday his children will take a quiz on the facts and figures regarding events I bore witness to!

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