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My best friend is a screen

I’m starting to worry about the future. Everywhere you go things are turning into self service, screens are replacing books and actual conversations and you don’t even have to go out anymore, things get delivered to you. But where will it end – will we all end up hermits locked to a computer screen forgetting how to talk to each other?!

Years ago you arrived at the petrol station and an attendant filled you up and checked tyres etc. Now you have to do it all yourself and can pay at the pump on your card so you don’t have to speak to anyone.

You used to go into a shop and read out what you needed and the assistant packed it all for you. Now we have self-service tills at supermarkets, although they never fully work and a shop assistant needs to be on hand to help you but they may sort that out in time 🙂

It all reminds me of the film Wall-e where people are cuising around space for years stuck in chairs with screens and getting very large in the process …

Is this the future?




57 thoughts on “My best friend is a screen”

  1. I’m actually very scared that this will be the future. For someone who finds it hard to communicate this will only undo my hard work, and, if this carries on, teens of tomorrow will only know how to communicate via electronic means! And, don’t get me started on self-service tills!!!!!


  2. Argh you had to mention the self service tills didn’t you? The bane of my life with all it’s shouting at me telling me there’s an unexpected item in the packing area…

    Me? I need to talk, I’ll talk to anyone, I’m not fussy, I’ll talk to the wall if I don’t have anyone real to talk to 🙂

    And privately I think others also need to talk, even if it is via a pc – look at peoples status’s on FB or Twitter. Not only do they need to talk they need the world to see it. Just a shame it’s normally spelt wrong 😉

  3. It also reminded me of WALL-e just before I even read that it reminded you of WALL-e, too. I hope we’ll not end that way where people doesn’t know how to stand anymore.

    1. Me too. I was just talking about Wall-E the other day:

      Have you ever seen the movie Pleasantville? It’s a dystopian society where everything is PERFECT. But it’s a gray world, lacking in color and vitality.

      Another movie that is a combination of both Dystopia and Post-Apocolyse . . . WALL-E. Very deep for a kid flick. Lots of layers. Like an onion.

      To read Maggie’s post:

  4. Great post. It is scary to imagine a world like this, but scarier still to realise how it could feasibly occur with current knowledge surrounding technology… I’m sure it won’t happen but perhaps it will allow people who don’t want to interact with others much easier ways to avoid interaction.

  5. Excellent post. Sadly I think it is the future, unless we do something about it. But what can be done? It actually relates to the post I was going to write for today about lack of communication skills and respect. I’ll link to you if I ever get it written.

  6. I hope that isn’t the future! It is sad that the internet/technology is supposed to make the world smaller, but I didn’t think they meant a world of one! 😦

  7. Ugh, I think the worst things are those nooks! I could never give up my books to read them off of screen. I hope we don’t get progressively worse but when I look at my bro’s generation, he’s 17, all they do is text, play video games and go on Facebook. No one is outside playing anymore.

  8. Exellent post. For those of us who are not tekkies it is getting harder to do the simplest thing. Luckily I can still fill up my car

  9. Work from home jobs where you never have to leave the house are also becoming more prevalent. I fear that in the future, even our employers will be screens. *shivers*

    1. Hi Maggie! Imagine meeting you here. Before seeing your face, I posted a link to our discussion about Wall-E (above).

      Actually, I see lots of familiar faces here . . . I must be late to the party. 😉

  10. Sadly, it does seem to be the future. lat year, my sister lost her job as she was replaced by a computer. That computer doesn’t smile or sweet with a soft tone…though we think we are “so connected” we are actually less connected on a personal level than ever!

  11. I hate all the self service thing–especially at the grocery store! They always mess up, don’t read my item and then I end up yelling at the machine. So yeah, I choose to go to actual people when checking out. I like to think of it as supporting business and not just machines.

  12. I saw Sophia’s comment above about nooks and I totally agree! There was a nook commercial on TV the other night where a kid had fallen asleep while reading a story on her nook… what?!?! I shouted “Books, not nooks!” at the television before I could think about what I was doing/saying 🙂 I love the feel and smell of books too much to use a nook. Books are a sort of comfort food. I mean, I know the words are the same in book or nook form, but there is something about the physical act of opening up a book to that spot where you left off, and diving back into someone else’s story for awhile.

    Great post – it is very comforting to know that there are other people who are worried about our future and (over)reliance on technology for tasks that can easily be done person-to-person.

  13. I’m scared for our future too! It’s so true, and sad! I wish we could go back to where everyone talked to their neighbors and people in stores all the time instead of everyone being in a hurry all the time! Great post!

  14. How scary!! I hope that doesn’t become our future! The problem with so much lack of inter-personal relations is that humanity seems to be losing it’s capacity for compassion. We are turning into machines ourselves:(

  15. Sadly, that seems the future. Somehow, I kind of feel that even conversation will become obsolete. Unless, we go back to the good old days of grocery shopping,gas stations with a cherry and a lift of the cap saying, how do y’ do ? Talk about the impossible happening.

  16. I loved seeing it in WALL-E, but I do not love the idea of seeing it in real life! There’s a lot to be said for taking a few steps on one’s own feet, as well as transacting with human beings. Sometimes those simple transactions are enough to ease the loneliness of wondering if anyone really sees you . . .

  17. It looks like it’s turning into the future! We’re getting better at being social with a screen than we are with our fellow humans.

    I don’t know if you write fiction (I just followed a link to a link and ended up on your blog), but I am hosting a blog party called Fiction Friday. It’s a way writer’s or wannabe writers like myself can share their work. I’d love for you to join if it interests you. 🙂

  18. As much as I love talking on the phone, texting, facebooking… I still Crave human interaction!! I hate that things have become so automated and impersonal. A few years back, I was a receptionist. I was laid off and replaced with an automated answering service… And they asked ME to be the recorded voice! Talk about adding insult to injury!!
    I found your blog through Spirit Lights the Way… Off to read more of your posts now!

  19. Oh so true! I freaked when I saw those self-service lanes at the supermarket, I was torn between convenience of getting things done yourself quickly or saving people’s jobs! I’d love to know the statistics for the past 20 years or so on how many jobs have been lost to machines. I think Disney is so deep too! 🙂

  20. Our world is becoming less and less personal. And more and more automatized (is that a word?). I’m not even going to think what future holds because I’d get scared. I’m only hoping it won’t be when I am alive!

  21. Enjoy your blog. Owing to a sublime moment of technical incompetence I have managed to delete my old blog “Riverman”, and salvaging what I can become “Counting Ducks” Oops

  22. This is so true, Vix! Electronic do-it-yourself devices seem to be everywhere. Excellent thought-provoking post!

  23. It’s corporate america- they don’t want to pay for full time employees. That’s how the self-serve check out lane was introduced.

    Now they have 1 checker open, and 1 person near the self-service areas. Every once in awhile, they will toss a 2nd person at the register…and then they return to produce or stocking shelves.

    I like the self- check out for Target/Walmart because the lines are so long. However, that damn “unexpected item in checking area” OR “Place the item in your bag” and there isn’t enough room, so you move things around and the system thinks you’re ripping them off, and then locks up…SO, I only use them for items 5 or less. 🙂

    P.S. We’ve put the movie Walle on 3x and I can never get past the first 30 minutes. I think I’ve walked into my kids room when the “blobs” were floating around typing and communicating vs. looking at each other! That would NEVER happen in my world! I talk to much.

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