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The Social Network

I finally watched The Social Network at the weekend. Regardless of how much the film actually depicts real life events, I couldn’t help but marvel how one person can literally change the world.

Facebook started in a university dorm room. The guys that created it are my age. They are now billionaires. It’s an amazing story.Whatwever we think about Facebook we can’t deny how it has altered our society, the way we interact we friends, how it’s suddenly acceptable to stalk ex-boyfriends and our language – “Facebook me”.

I’m also a teeny bit jealous that people can invent something like that at university and become the youngest billionaires in the world. It certainly didn’t happen whilst I was at Uni 🙂 But you know what, it is inspiring. These guys come across as geeks in the film (whether it’s true in real life I don’t know) – highly intelligent but socially awkward yet they managed to create a social network site that practically everyone in the world has heard of. Pretty impressive.

It got me thinking that often life gets in the way of dreams, of thinking “big”, it makes us think we shouldn’t even try, that there’s too much struggling to make the effort worth it. But amazing things can and do happen in life. If it wasn’t for people like Mark Zuckerberg the world would stay the same, there would be no innovation, no development, no dreams coming true.

Imagine if you had been trying to create Facebook and gave up only to watch the Harvard boys sweep in and make it a success (which if you believe the film did happen). So next time you’re thinking of giving up on your dream because it’s too hard or you think it’ll never get there, just log on to Facebook. Don’t give up!

Who’s seen The Social Network? Anyone want to be my friend on Facebook (drop me a link and I’ll add you)?



47 thoughts on “The Social Network”

  1. I haven’t seen it yet, however Mark Zuckerberg grew up in the town next to mine. His dad was a dentist.
    Facebook has changed things over the past few years but I think everyone is waiting to see what is next.

  2. I thought it was a good movie. I am a facebook addict, I have definitely gone on far far less since I started blogging which is a good thing. Also the whining people do on there gets a little overwhelming sometimes.

  3. I haven’t seen it yet. As a mom of little guys, I don’t get to see grownup movies as often as I used to. But that will change one day and I’m patiently (more or less) waiting for that time. Ha!

    I use FB for family and in-person friends, and Twitter for writing stuff. If you’re on Twitter, look me up (@vbtremper).

  4. I saw the Social Network and also thought it was quite inspiring! It was also a really good movie I thought and I definitely must say, I love Facebook. I’m becoming less addicted to it now but it’s such a good way to keep me and all my friends all over the country and some around the world in contact with each other! And I would love to be your Facebook friend! 🙂

  5. Face it Vicky, the geeks rule the world. I think the big problem with Facebook is that it doesn’t improve social skills in the real world. But, I guess the world is turning into one big computer screen, so maybe that doesn’t matter so much.

  6. I was surprised by how good this movie was, I can’t say that it made Mark Zuckerberg rise in my estimation, but I must definitely give credit where it’s do. He worked really hard to get where he is, though I can’t say that I approve of stealing the twins idea!

  7. Jesse Eisenberg did an AMAZING job acting out Mark’s character, don’t you think? The beginning scene, and the way he talks, drove me crazy! I don’t know how Jesse got that down…and I’ve never seen Mark or know about him. My friend says, that’s exactly the way he speaks during an interview.

    The movie protrayed him as a real ass. I don’t know if that’s Hollywood, or how true everything was but it left me feelings of no longer wanting to support Facebook.

    Also, it left me feeling he was truly heartbroken over that one gal, but he talked angry trash about her and her family on his BLOG! So, he brought that upon himself.

    He’s certainly passive aggresive, if you do something the doesn’t like…wow, he’ll target you.

    But Genius- PLUGGED IN…

    Lake Forest, California USA

    1. The opening scene is brillant, I love verbal volleys like that. I think he did a great job! We’ll never know how accurate the film us but the law suits happened so he either really peed people off or they just wanted money 🙂

  8. I loved the film but felt really sad for Zuckerberg after watching it. All that money and so lonely! I do think it is really miraculous to see what such a young guy was capable of accomplishing!

    1. I think he desputes the ex girlfriend motivation but it does seem lonely at the top! Must be hard to trust people when you’re that rich. I imagine he’s married to his work.

  9. I’m very jelaous that I’m not a billionaire, and I wouldn’t even have to be the youngest one. And I also find it amazing how one person can invent something THAT big.
    I liked the movie.

  10. Personally, I wonder if it’s more of a fad. Like people were really into myspace a while back and it was replaced by facebook and twitter. And yahoo was a big deal then google came to replace it. I think all businesses have a lifecycle and facebook has it’s place in our lives, but I wonder if and/or when something will replace it…

  11. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but aim to.
    I’m on FB, but since I started blogging, don’t go there as much as I used to. I use it mainly to keep in touch with family and friends.

  12. Loved the movie and am terribly impressed with what they accomplished in such a short time.

    I spend very little time on FB. Probably less than an hour a week. It’s not nearly as much fun as writing and reading in the blogosphere.

  13. I need to see this movie! I think I’ll watch it on iTunes, or perhaps Youtube. Netflix doesn’t have it on streaming.

  14. I saw it Vix! And I gotta admit… I was way intrigued by it too. Seriously, the guy is a genius. Facebook has changed so much in life. You hit the nail on the head – ‘how it’s suddenly acceptable to stalk ex-boyfriends’ haha! Great post 🙂

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