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Baby I was Born this Way

I may write about Glee too much but last night I watched the ‘Born this Way’ episode and I have to give Glee a big thumbs up for dealing with the issues they did and it definitely inspired me. I have so many days when I dislike things about the way I look, I envy people in magazines or around me for the way they look and I’m always wondering what people think about me, how I look or what I wear. Although I’m sure I could change some this – I could lose some weight or change my hair style / colour but fundamentally this is how I look, this is who I am and I need to be more proud of that.

In the episode, the Glee kids all wore t-shirts displaying the part of them they were conscious of the most but something they were born with and wanted to be proud of (see above). I’m not sure what my shirt would say (future spinster maybe or big thighs but most likely one would be boobs aka larger than average :)) but it is important not to want to change who you are just because you may not fit into the perfect image or perfect person category. The world would be a pretty boring, Stepford wives sort of place if we all did.

So whatever you think about Glee or Lady Gaga, I think we can all appreciate the message they were trying to convey. Baby, we were born this way 🙂

What would your T-shirt say?




37 thoughts on “Baby I was Born this Way”

  1. I almost wrote about that episode when it aired hear, but I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone who was behind me (I had you in mind in particular). I loved the way they dealt with accepting and loving yourself. As for your t-shirt, future spinster is an assumption about yourself that could change. I thought I would be a spinster forever as well, and that didn’t happen. So embrace your thighs and move forward for the unexpected.

    1. Aw bless you thanks for thinking of me! I’m glad you loved it too. Yeah I know, it’s just sometimes I do see a crazy lady with lots of cats in my future 🙂 If only I didn’t like food so much then they would shrink sigh.

  2. I loved this episode too (although I could have done with out Kurt’s lengthy Barbara solo upon his return to McKinley High. I can’t wait for tonight’s Prom episode and Jesse St. James return! (Is Glee on tonight for you in the UK too?)

  3. Lady Gaga’s video is the strangest thing, have you seen it? The whole “birthing scene” is bizarre the way they did it…with a whole Star Trek/space feel. It reminds me of how the movie DUNE starts and the discussion of spice. “In the beginning there was spice…”

    I haven’t had a chance to see the Glee Episode yet- and will have to Hulu it soon.

    Accepting oneself is always a great message. Finding someone to love you for you…starts with YOURSELF!

    My acceptance would have to be my big boobs. Hate ’em. Even lost a lot of weight, at one point, and they never left. They reduced somewhat, but still a focal point. I’ve always tried to hide them. IMPOSSIBLE. When people would describe me, it would be “The girl with the really big boobs and loud mouth who doesn’t stop talking. Yeah, that’s her.”

    Oh, well! **Sigh** 🙂

    Lake Forest, California USA

    1. Her videos are so strange, she is a crazy chick! You should def give it a watch, lots of fun.
      I completely empathise on the boob front, mine are often discussed my people and I feel like saying – have you not seen boobs before, get over it! The thing is as much as they annoy us, other people are jealous of us so we prob should milk it more, get the low cut tops out 🙂

  4. I love this post. It’s funny because i’m not a big fan of Glee, but I saw adverts for this specific episode and got quite excited. Stupid thing is, there was a storm and my signal went so I missed the final performance! Annoying! But I agree, the episode was particularly inspiring, teaching us to love ourselves. What we hate about ourselves are our best features. Rebecca

  5. What the heck? I thought. I opened your blog and I read “I was born this way” and at the same time Lady Gaga on the radio is singing exactly the same! It was perfect synchronisation!
    I still have this episode to watch on TV on Demand 🙂

  6. Loved that episode. It took a long time for me to claim all my crazy, but life is so much better when you don’t feel the need to be someone else! Great post!

  7. I love this! It definitely is a wonderful message! I feel like mine would say big thighs or something. I don’t know. But recently I have been a bit better at liking myself. It’s a message we could all use! 🙂

  8. What a great post – and it definitely bears repeating over and over. We’re in the day and age where the models on television and magazines appear ‘perfect’ and it only seems to impound our own self-consciousness. It’s taken me a while, but the older I get (43 now) the more I can ‘try’ to accept myself for what’s there – but I still fail quite often.

    My t-shirt would say… Big Teeth comin’ at ya, baby! 😀

  9. Ok you’re making me miss Glee! I haven’t seen it since the second season so I have a lot of catching up to do! I can’t wait to see this episode though since I love all things GaGa.

    My shirt would say Junk in the Trunk. I have an a$$ that does NOT belong on a white girl.

  10. Nice post! It’s so much more fun to just be a unique version of yourself rather than a wannabe version of someone else…
    My shirt would maybe say big butt… or shapeless nose – I used to hate my nose when I was little but now I think I have accepted it 😉

  11. I loved this episode too! Sadly, I too would have a shirt that says “Boobs.” Or “Not From Around Here.” (I get constantly picked on for how I say certain words… I wouldn’t call it an accent, but there is definitely some regional dialect from where I grew up that clashes with the speech patterns of the various places I’ve lived in the last 8 years.)

    Glee has been on a roll with solid episodes these past few weeks… I can’t wait for you to see the Prom episode 🙂

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