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Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride

I have been bridesmaid three times in my life so far – twice for cousins and one for a family friend, all when I was younger and all in pink dresses!

At least they weren't as bad as this one!

Our of the three, one marriage has survived so far but that’s not what concerns me. What is concerning is that having been a bridesmaid three times, I am on dangerous ground when it comes to the possibility of my own wedding one day.

Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride

This well-known saying apparently has two explanations as to its origins:

1. Back in old times,maybe pagan, one of the bridesmaids roles was to confuse and distract any evil spirits that wanted to ruin the marriage and attack the bride. As such the bridesmaids were in danger of being attacked themselves and bad luck could follow. If the girl was bridesmaid too many times could be forever tainted by this bad luck and therefore never get married herself.

  • On this one, I refer back to the fact two of the marriages didn’t survive so I obviously didn’t suck away all the evil spirits and bad luck from them. Whether I also got tainted along with them remains to be seen 🙂

2. Apparently weddings were a good opportunity for the bridesmaid to display herself to her community in all her finery and if three such occasions didn’t attract a male then she was likely never to attract one!

  • As I was a youngster in the weddings, this probably doesn’t apply as we are in modern times now and 12 year olds don’t get married plus the pink dresses would hold any girl back from attractiveness I think. Or I’m just kidding myself 🙂

I have investigated if there are any ways to break this supposed rule and apparently if I do the bridesmaid duties 7 times I’ll break the curse! I better start making friends with ladies getting married soon and get on their bridesmaid list. Please all bear me in mind for your big day, I have had practice so I know what I’m doing and I won’t divert focus from you, unless the best man is gorgeous then I might have to raise the dress hemline slightly 🙂 And you have to make sure I ctach the bouquet to bring me extra good luck …

Have you ever been a bridesmaid? Is anyone else cursed like me?



50 thoughts on “Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride”

  1. You might well attract male attention if you try to squeeze your adult self into one of the earlier dresses.
    But that good be bad manners – might distract attention from the bride.

  2. Three times! Wow! I have never been a bridesmaid and attended my first wedding (as a guest:P) just last year. I am so looking forward to being a bridesmaid… though after reading this I think I will decline the third offer if I get the chance to do it twice! x

  3. I was maid of honor twice and brides maid twice before I became a bride…now I’ve beenmarried almost 29 years! See there is hope…your magic day will happen!

  4. The evil spirits made me giggle 🙂 If you didn’t manage to confuse them then you must still be very untainted, so don’t worry! And also if you were younger than twelve you can just say that you were a flower child – hence no curse!!

  5. me and me!

    yep, been a bridesmaid just the once when I was, ahem, 7. Didn’t want to be a bridesmaid at my brother’s wedding as the, urm, colours clashed against my hair (the other valid reason was that I hate being the centre of attention…) I was asked, though… but being a bridesmaid isn’t me…

    Nor do I want a big wedding, just me and my partner and our parents and that’s it… Oh, I need a man, first!!

    1. I love that you didn’t like the clashing colours! Yeah the more weddings I go to the more I think I’d like mine to be a bit different. Let’s hope we both get the chance 🙂

  6. You are too funny!! I never knew the pagan roots of the saying but it makes sense!

    I’ve been a bridesmaid/maid of honor twice–both of my sisters though 5 years younger are married! And I’ve been a guest at two or three other weddings…and all are still going strong so I think it must just me ! lol

  7. I was in 5 weddings as a bridesmaid, and 1 as a maid of honor. I got married last year. It’s not a curse, think of it as practice 😉 Who knows, you might meet the one at your next wedding! Weddings rock, although I hate bridesmaid dresses. Thhe last one I wore was evil, so maybe there is some truth to that. LOL

  8. Hope you get to #7 one of these days! I’ve actually never been a bridesmaid
    One of my sisters eloped the other will probably elope and the one other time I was asked the wedding got canceled!

  9. I was forced to wear SPANDEX with a “cleveage” bust line area that my boobs were too big for and first I’m not skinny so spandex on the tummy/hips…not the greatest look…but at least it stretched to fit in a portion of me. (sort of)

    I was a huge HOOCHIE-MOMMA at my friends wedding. She thought it was funny.

    I’ll have to blog about it now. Yes, I think I’ve been bridesmaids in 3 weddings. One was my mom’s remarriage.

    SO DON’T WORRY! I didn’t get married until I was 32. People are doing this later in life now.


    BTW: I love that movie with Catherine Heigle 28 dresses! Also, there’s another movie with Chris something and Renee Zellweger…where they compare men to Wild Mustangs and one by one, his friends get roped into marriage. Eventually, Renee is the last “single” gal and tells the bride to just give her the bouquet. That movie is actually quite humourous.

    1. Woo work it girl! yeah post some pics for us I wanna see! Glad the curse missed you 🙂
      Yeah 27 dresses is fun, love the singing scene! Haven’t seen the Batchelor, I’ll have to check it out!

  10. I’ve been a bridesmaid twice, but haven’t been a bride myself! (If I had, I’d probably refer to Ba.D. as my hubby or something similar, versus as my “baby daddy.” *whistle*)

    I haven’t previously had much of an interest in marriage, but . . . that seems to be changing slowly. It’ll be interesting to see how my perspective changes between now and the next time* I’m called on to be a bridesmaid.

    * I hope this isn’t anytime soon, not for me, but because it would mean someone would have to get a divorce first!

  11. I’ve been a bridesmaid/maid of honor (3x), a bride (1x and holding ~ 27 years this June), a reader (1x), and a wedding singer (4x).

    And ALL the marriages have lasted for at least 20 years!

    It’s all good. 😀

  12. You are not cursed, you are young! And besides, only 4 times to go 🙂
    I love weddings, there is always a handsome lonely guy to look at… Oh, I wish I was at the age when my friends are getting married! Soon it will be my children ha ha ha :O

  13. I was a bridesmaid for a friend from college. It was not my favorite experience, so much so that I have since banned the whole bridesmaid experience. I think it’s not a curse, I just think that you haven’t met the right guy yet. You’re beautiful, fun, and have a wonderful personality, a real price so I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you. Just make yourself emotionally available.

    1. Yeah it’s not for everyone! I hope the dress wasn’t too ugly 🙂
      OMG you’re so cute thanks, that made me feel much better about myself, hugs to you!

      1. Yay hugs 😀

        The dress wasn’t too hideous, but totally unusable after the wedding. I was actually the maid of honor, and I really didn’t want to be friends with her after. It was such a terrible experience. On the way back I got my first speeding ticket ever. Cap off the perfect day…

  14. How very cool to learn how this tradition started!
    You will have no trouble nabbing a husband… if you want one. 🙂

  15. Hahahaha…you;re so cute and funny Vix! No I haven’t been a bridesmaid because friends usually make family members their bridesmaids and many of my close friends got marrried while I am in NZ 😦 The stories behind the saying is very interesting too. And nooo, I donlt think you are cursed 🙂

  16. I had the unlucky privelege of being MOH at my friend’s wedding two weeks after having my son. Still looking mostly fat, I squeezed into a bright green silk dress. Think outlines of my massive Granny Panties, boobs too big to be contained, and feet still swolen up like walking grapefruit. I’ve never untagged so many pictures of myself on Facebook 🙂

  17. I definitely don’t believe in the curse… Although I was a bit worried when I was asked to be a bridesmaid for the third time and wasn’t married yet. Thankfully, I got married before I was a bridesmaid that third time. Ha, ha. 😉 But I’m SURE you’ll be fine!!

  18. I don’t think it counts if you were a bridesmaid before you became an adult. I didn’t meet my husband until I was 29. But I missed out on friends’ weddings by living out of the country for some years. So I missed out on several bridesmaid opportunities. Should I feel bad about that?

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