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Friday 13th

Yes the day that apparently is the most unlucky is upon us (cue ghostly wooing). I’m not particularly superstitious so I’m using the day as a oppruttnity to celebrate the supernatural and I will share a Friday 13th playlist with you. Enjoy and may good luck be with you today 🙂

Daniel Powter – Bad Day

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Katy Perry – ET

Belle and Sebastian – The Ghost of Rockschool

Paramore – Misguided Ghosts

Glee – Rocky Horror

Any Friday 13th bad luck stories?




31 thoughts on “Friday 13th”

  1. None from me personally, I had a great day in terms of luck… well, nothing bad happened! My mum however crashed her car -she is unharmed which is somewhat lucky I suppose. My father and sister also got bogged multiple times on a camping trip and had several near-death accidents involving cars slipping off muddy tracks and people being in the wrong spot as they tried to help winch the car free. A one hour drive on the track turned into a five hour rescue mission! Not very lucky at all! Great playlist btw, I love Belle and Sebastian! x

  2. Ahaha! I know where I’ll be returning once I get to the office! I mean, wait, no . . . when I get back home this evening . . . 0:)

    Ba.D. has a prohibition on Extraterrestrial in his car. Can you believe it? *is indignant*

      1. Really?! Actually, I suppose it’s a very different sound from her other songs, which I’m–unsurprisingly!–less fond of.

        Paramore rules! Do you like B.o.B.’s song featuring its lead? She’s the best part of the non-Eminem version, IMO.

      2. True, it’s quite different. I’m not a massive Katy fan full stop really, I like her live EP without all the bells and whistles much better 🙂
        OMG I love the Airplanes song, it’s one of my most played on my iPod, Hayley is fab!

  3. I love your song choices. I had better not listen to E.T. though, lest it get stuck in my head again. 🙂

  4. I don’t think I’ve had any different luck on Friday the thirteenth. It’s more of a weird day, I think everyone is so spooked by it, so the vibe of the whole day is off.

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